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Prepare for World Oceans Day With Blue Ocean Institute

A few weeks ago, I wrote about World Oceans Day, an environmental holiday that is coming up soon, on June 8. Many people seem not to know it, but the Earth’s oceans are in crisis. When I mentioned during a business dinner a few days ago that the Atlantic cod is in danger of being fished out of existence, my colleagues looked at me as if I was batty.

Today, I found an interesting organization that is trying to spread the word about the increasing trouble Earth’s oceans are encountering. The Blue Oceans Institute conducts research into the ecology of the oceans and then uses that research to spread the word.

It’s a difficult message to communicate. After all, most of us only know the ocean from its surface. The Blue Ocean Institute describes the problem as follows:

“The ocean displays to us a dismissive, inscrutable exterior, all motion and mood, all mask and disguise, seemingly rolling on as always, its face silent about substance, its countenance mute on content, the extent of its wrinkles never varying over time. But don’t underestimate her. Ninety-nine percent of Life’s habitable volume is in the seas, and planet Earth would likely bear abundant and complex life if no emergent land existed. But without an ocean, this planet would merely spin unnamed three orbits from a star, its browned-out face as its own sterile moonscape.”

This June 8, for World Oceans Day, expand your consciousness beneath the surface. Think blue, and go green.

One thought on “Prepare for World Oceans Day With Blue Ocean Institute”

  1. Tom says:

    And meanwhile, back on land both bananas and maize (corn) are in crisis too. Enjoy them while you can.

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