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Taliban Defeated in Afghanistan. 53 Die of Mysterious Causes.

I was looking through an old report from March 2004 by Mark Sedra over at Foreign Policy in Focus this morning, and came across some curious statements there by the Bush Administration. It seems that back in February 2004, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said of the Taliban, “They are gone.” Rumsfeld said, “I’m not seeing any indication the Taliban pose any military threat to Afghanistan,” and declared that the Taliban “does not exist any more.”

Well, that just makes the events of yesterday more mysterious. The Reuters news service is running a headline this morning that reads: Taliban raid on Afghan town leaves 53 dead.

We won the war in Afghanistan, right? The Taliban were defeated, right? Reuters is just part of the liberal media that can’t be trusted, right? So, then, whatever killed those 53 people in Afghanistan yesterday?

It must have been the bird flu.

One thought on “Taliban Defeated in Afghanistan. 53 Die of Mysterious Causes.”

  1. Tom says:

    (Think of Jerry Lewis’ zany voice):
    Mission Accomplished!

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