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Yes, as a matter of fact, God Will be mocked, and quite often too

Earlier today, F.G. Fitzer wrote a silly piece in which he said Christian conservative Pat Robertson had got it all wrong when he said, “If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms.” Fitzer had a little talk with God himself, and God told Fitzer that Robertson misheard: apparently, it’s really that American coats will be licked by storks. Scott then corrected both Fitzer and Robertson; according to him, God says stores are going to start stashing coal. Oh, what mystery of theoaudiology!

One cute part of all this is that, starting at about dinner time tonight, a small set of people writing from four computers but using a variety of names, have been using that piece to stage a discussion with themselves, with people writing from the same computers alternately taking vehement stands for and against Pat Robertson’s claim that he can hear the voice of God talking to him. Keep it up, kiddies! No, don’t! Yes, do! You’re so wrong! No, you are, asshole! Don’t talk about your mother that way! Why, I oughta slap you one!

Cutest of all is the comment by one “Elizabeth Blackwell,” who writes in:


How sweet. But the thing is, God will be mocked. God must be mocked a million times a day on this planet. Happens all the time. Look:

God is a worm-ridden rutabaga!

See? That makes a million and one mockeries of God just today. If that makes you mad, just wait until tomorrow.

50 thoughts on “Yes, as a matter of fact, God Will be mocked, and quite often too”

  1. Brenda says:

    I can’t predict what Pat Roberson said, will storms be worse this year, maybe.But there is a time coming when you will not mock God.He’s merciful to all who reach out for his love.But evil will not triumph over,the faithful children of God.

  2. Susie says:

    The weather has already changed in the past year more so than in history…duh….. Listen to the media…. you blind and deaf ones. Read God’s word, he will speak to you too!

    Whether you admit it or not, most of you nonbelievers think there could be a chance that God/Heaven/Hell does exist. Why would you gamble that chance away and take the risk of missing out on earth and eternity a perfect Father, honest friend, giver of peace, someone to love you, accept you and forgive you just for the asking.

    It’s a know fact that fear, in some way, constitutes most negative responses. Ask yourself what you are fearful of…..what is your purpose of judging someone that possibly has a better connection with the higher up than you….

  3. Matt says:

    Wow, it’s that simple huh? That sure would make life easy, or is that why you’re saying that?

    Besides, if God is all mericful and created us all I’m sure He understands us completely and doesn’t care at all that people mock Him because he gave them the choice to do that.

    I love the crusader reference, the cross will protect you from “evil.” Pull your self-righteous head out of your ass, do something REAL. Stray away from fast food religion.

  4. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Yes, why on Earth would we dare take the risk of not believing Pat Robertson?

    Oh, dear me! I’ve seen the light!

    Look, it’s over there! The light!

    No, now it’s over there!

    Oh, damn, where did I put that light?

    I saw it here somewhere.

  5. martin says:

    For the ones that chose to mock GOD I would be careful , you cannot take your next breath with out his help. The day is at hand for his quick return.Also It is your relationship with god by faith that get you into heaven,

  6. Alan says:

    So what God really cares about is the beliefs in our heads? Having ‘correct beliefs’ will save us but having ‘incorrect beliefs’ will get us in trouble? Incredible that God cares so much about beliefs.

    I think the answer to the Pat Robertson question is in Matthew 7:15-20 to “Beware of false prophets….A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit…”

    Robertson says he speaks for God, but his fruit is hate, intolerance, and fear.

    Jim says he mocks God, but his fruit is truth, justice, and the American Way.

    A bit of a disconnect in both cases–but sometimes the voice of JC is not so very far away and not so very hard to hear.

    The Real Alan

  7. Mariam says:

    I hear what some of you are saying.
    But stop an think of this, when you die an have to face God Himself…if you haven’t repented for mocking Him… you will be cast down.

    Do you really think you can enter the gates of Heaven after mocking God Almighty..???

  8. Ben says:

    Sounds to me like he’s a fan of the discovery channel like myself. They have had shows about the potential “American Tsunami” on in the recent past and the weather media has predicted that this year will not be as bad as last year in the gulf, but because of warmer waters in the Atlantic the east coast of U.S. may be hit more this year. They have even gone as far to say New York City could be our next New Orleans disaster.
    So in lieu of all this, I feel it’s safe to say that we all have the information readily available to us. It’s just that when someone who is in the media’s spotlight as is he, words spoken are amplified and often misconstrued. May God be with us all.

  9. GOD'S SERVANT says:


  10. veronica says:

    why are you being an asshole about this instead you should be listing to what the man is ssaying because in the coming days you will see he is right

  11. Christiana says:

    I think that the SADDEST thing in all of this discussion is that so many people don’t know what they’re talking about! They just TALK. These people believe that what they have to say is entertaining or funny. However, God WILL NOT be mocked. Christ will not be mocked. And sadly, as his Word describes, in the end, everyone will know that he is God. In the same respect, God understands the pain that we’ve been through in our lives which leads us to a place where we don’t want to accept him. God didn’t CAUSE the pain. We inflicted it upon ourselves with our freedom of CHOICE that God granted all of us. We CHOOSE everyday how to live our lives. If you Respect God and worship Him, you will find an amazing peace in believing. However, so many people are critical from their past hurts. We should pray for these people. I think it’s so interesting that Christianity is ATTACKED so FEROCIOUSLY in the media, in schools, in government, etc. However, Christians (true Christians who understand the teachings of the true Love of Christ), are caring and passive. Think about the fact that with 1 little cartoon, many in the Muslim community rose up to destroy others for defiling their god. Still, with movies such as The DaVinci Code, etc., Christians are caring and loving to others of differing opinions. Anyway, I do wish all of you the best.

  12. HareTrinity says:

    Fact is, even if I DID believe the cunningly titled Christian book (“Bible” means “book”), I wouldn’t worship that god.

    Slaughter of innocents, injustice, autocracy and mixed messages, along with a horrible superiority complex and a bad habit of making wild generalisations and assumptions. These do not add up to a superior being of any type, sooooo… No thanks.

    But I’m not very close to believing a piece of repeatedly editted and badly translated old scripture anyway. Never trust a book that doesn’t list its resources.

  13. Majickman says:

    LOL, this is a real hard comment to write! I’ve been sitting here trying to finish it, but I keep getting distracted by the inane comments from the religious fanatics and start laughing all over again! Personally, I think the Muslims have better fanatics. At least they are willing to die for their beliefs. You can lay odds that you won’t see any “Christian” fanatics going over to Iran, Iraq, Lebanon or any other Muslim nation car bombing the fanatics there. They’ve got a sense of priorities! After all, no sense giving up our god ordained comfort and soft way of life to defend our beliefs. Isn’t that what we pay those guys and gals in the army to do? Why go through discomfort and then death going there to martyrdom, when we can stay here and blog hell and damnation upon the mockers of our all-powerful god? As an uninvolved observer in the drama of the Christian god’s revelations to only the specifically select few deemed worthy enough to receive, and strong enough to handle such knowledge, I find it infinitely entertaining to watch. This is better than going to the movies. Hell, this is even better than following the antics of our humble, wise and benevolent congress! You Christians keep up the good work!

  14. willwildy says:

    Very Very funny!;-)

    Watch out golfing in the rain those lightning bolts hurt!

  15. Eboni says:

    Mocking, defending, pleading the fifth…at least we are having conversations about God as opposed to porn rings or gangs in the military. It keeps our eyes and our minds out of the mud and in the heavens.

  16. HareTrinity says:

    Uh… Didn’t I put a comment here?

  17. HareTrinity says:

    Oh, there it is… Maybe it’s my explorer playing up.

  18. HareTrinity says:

    If Pat Robertson is the most telegenic Christian they can come up with, we are all in trouble.

    I wish people would wake up to mental illness–it easily recognizable in the pathological narcissists running the country. The longer we deny their delusional and malevolent nature, the more excruciating the consequences.

    In chasing Saddam and Osama, Bush has incorporated them into his delusions and is now more similar to them than different.

    To those in power, help us get the word out. These guys do incredible damage on a daily basis. Stop the destruction of rationality, morality, humanity, nature, people, forests, animals, trees, water, air, and our Constitution.

    I’m feeling desperate and am requesting “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” from my library.
    thanks for listening.
    railing in Seattle

  19. Cary says:

    I appreciate Robertson because he has faith in his religion. Unlike the Sunday church goers, who go but don’t understand. Any one who follows religion knows the United States is destined for serious punishment. Everthing Robertson says is just a prelude.

  20. Michael says:

    Proverbs 1: You can find the verse if you can read. God says he will mock you and laugh at you in your calamity. Belief in God is a very serious matter. When you see Christmas decorations going up in the mall is it Christmas yet or just a sign? Think about it if you are capable. Something tells me you are not..

  21. Robyn Z. says:

    Pat Robertson’s predictions on disasters and end-times are just as accurate as the Jehovah Witnessess are in predicting the same thing – not accurate and it’s a scare tactic, nothing more. Only one person knows when the end-times will be and that is our Lord. In the meantime we should all strive to live in peace, not in fear.

  22. marysuttond says:

    i believe Pat Robertson the lord is coming back one day sooner than you thank!If you don”t believe it read GOD word and find out for yourself!He is a GOD that don”t lie! DON”T MESS AROUND AND LET IT BE TO LATE!ONCE YOU GET IN HELL IT WILL BE TOO LATE!REPENT FROM YOUR SINS NOW!!!!!! I SUBJUST THAT EVERY NONBELIEVE read a best national best seller A DIVINE REVELATION OF HELL! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!! ONCE AGAIN DON”T LET IT BE TOO LATE!!!!!!!

  23. Don E says:

    My, my, my, here we go again. The vast majority of religeon is nothing but big business (ie: The Catholic Church). More people have died in the name of religeon than any other cause.Wow, and we thought Hitler was evil.The bible was written by men for mankind with an agenda in mind, the self perpetuation of the church.Wake up people,you are being used and mislead by a group of people who want your money and could care less about your soul.Fools and their money etc……

  24. Don E says:

    Part two, christianity is the only religeon that has the heaven and hell concept.It’s an age old ad campaign that’s been around for centuries.If you read the bible, you will find numerous referals to sheep and being in his flock, hmmm interesting anology. When out of a lighter, I simply hold mysmoke over my head and say ” god sucks”, it works every time and has saved me a fortune in buying lighters, plus I don’t have to spend money on getting a perm.Don’t forget to go baaack to Church this Sunday, and above all, keep those tithes and offerings coming in. Yes god loves you, but he loves your money more….so dig deep, who knows, you might just buy your way into “heaven”

  25. Tom says:

    The reason i gave up on “religion” as perpetrated by the so-called “christians” is that they are the most close-minded, bigotted, judgemental group of haters to walk on this planet. i don’t want any part of a “heaven” that includes this type of person. Just leave me alone to ponder through-out my life what i think is going on both in my own little petty life and, on the larger scale, what “life” is actually about. i’ll talk to and read atheists, people from other cultures and religions, scientists and mystics in order to continually broaden my perspectives. Christianity has indeed become big business, as has education, health-care, and almost every other facet of life in Amerikkka, so i don’t trust the corporate image or its agenda.

  26. Billy Buerger says:

    I used to love saying things at my old workplace that would make one of my friends “stand back” waiting for lightning to strick. I don’t think he was really that much of a fundementalist that he believed something like that would happen. Just that it’s one of this christian things. “Don’t hit your brother or god will strike you down with lightning.” You know, to keep the good little children in line. It’s kinda disturbing when adults can’t move on from this childish reasoning and realize that they are responsible for their own actions. Not some omnititant deity that will tell you when you’re out of line.

  27. Mike says:

    I’ll make it simple for all of you: Believe whatever you want to. Or believe in nothing at all. Your right to do so under our Constitution cannot be infinged. Just dont try to ram it down my throat. I have my own belief system that gives me a good deal of comfort. You don’t have to believe it. I CHOOSE to. Oh yeah…somebody tell Pat Robertson that it’s time for his thorazine. He’s obviously in the midst of an acute psychotic break…

  28. HareTrinity says:

    “If Pat Robertson is the most telegenic Christian they can come up with, we are all in trouble.” etc; that comment was NOT by me.

    Why does the comment section keep putting other people’s names in the Name section?

    And I’m sure the comments are changing order… What’s up, Irregular Times?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Where r all the God mockers now eg john lenon? U dont wanna b next,dont b next…

  30. Emissary of GOD says:

    “I’ll make it simple for all of you: Believe whatever you want to. Or believe in nothing at all.”

    It is incredible that people spend so much time trying to justify why they shouldn’t believe in GOD/JESUS.

    Like it or not there is an eternity,
    and you are going to spend eternity somewhere.
    If those of us that believe in GOD/JESUS and His Holy Word are wrong then we only have changed our lives for the better. No harm, no foul, but on the other hand if what we are placing our faith and hope in is right, then all who have refused Him (GOD/JESUS) will pay for that refusal eternally. Why would you take that chance.
    If you owned, let’s say “a gated community”, and your rules for the community where simple and moral, but you had applicant’s that didn’t want nor respected the rules. Could you, or would you allow them in your peaceful, loving community?

    Don’t believe me, or Pat Robertson, or any other person who loves GOD! Sincerely find out what you need to do to be a full gospel, Holy spirit filled person after the heart of GOD, and check out our claims for yourself, cause the reality is this, my relationship with Him (GOD) may not convince you that He is who He say’s He is, but a close encounter of your own… will.

    Much Love To All Of You
    Through JESUS Our Savior

  31. Jim says:

    Wow! You speak as an Emissary of God! Oh, excuse me: GOD!

    I guess that proves GOD must be pretty stupid, because even GOD must be stupid to employ Pascal’s wager.

    What if the universe is run by Cthulu? If run around your whole life worshipping Jesus, let me tell you, Cthulu is gonna be mighty pissed about it. A pitchfork through the eye for eternity is hardly “no harm, no foul.” Think about it, friend, and consider switching your allegiance to Cthulu. I mean, Jesus forgives. Cthulu’s just a mean mofo.

    HT, I promise we’re not screwing with the comments. Every once in a while, someone writes something that gets caught in the spam filters, and it takes us an hour or two to notice, fish it out, and return it to its rightful place. That may make it look like comment order has changed on occasion, but if we didn’t use the spam filters, you’d see about 600 ads for Herbalife every single day.

  32. Iroquois Honky says:

    Deputy Deity, if you think the kingdom of God is a gated community, better read the parable of the wedding feast in Luke 14:15-23, where the poor, crippled, blind, and lame are brought in from streets, alleys, roads and country lanes to eat at the feast in the kingdom of God. No gates are mentioned at all.

    No need to wait for eternity. It has started already, it is now, and here we are.

    If you are still in your smug, superior, exclusive little gated community, where there is no room for those disgusting, disrespectful ‘sinners’, your relationship is not with God, it is with something else.

  33. Ralph says:

    Dear Emissary from the Gated Community of God,

    Interesting question you pose:

    “If those of us that believe in GOD/JESUS and His Holy Word are wrong then we only have changed our lives for the better. No harm, no foul, but on the other hand if what we are placing our faith and hope in is right, then all who have refused Him (GOD/JESUS) will pay for that refusal eternally. Why would you take that chance?”

    Well, I suppose there’s a certain risk in not worshipping any given god, since he or she might be the only true path to salvation.

    Of course, there’s no particular reason to assume that would be Jesus.

    I mean, the one true god might be Anubis, Hanuman, Set, Athena, Shiva, Horus, Thor, Zeus, Amitabha, Krishna, or one of thousands of others. Hard to tell.

    Are you suggesting I worship them all just to be on the safe side? Presumably you do, right? I mean, why not? As you say, “why would you take that chance?”

  34. Sybil says:

    Don’t forget the various forms of the Great Goddess or the Queen of Heaven: Ishtar, aphrodite-Mari, the Juno-Artemis-Hecate trinity, Isis, Mariamne, the Semitic God-Mother, Maya the Oriental Virgin Mother of the Redeemer, the Welsh triadic White Goddess, and the biblical Sophia from Proverbs 8, the spirit of female wisdom symbolized by the dove who was older than the ignorant tyrant Jehovah, represented God’s female soul and was the source of his power.

    If Christianity gives its followers an implacable God and fear of one of the most sadistic hells ever devised based on male intimidation and dominance, the Creatress or Great Mother gives comfort and reassurance, fosters the spirit of cooperation, and asserts the value of the individual human being that is the source of human morality.

  35. Junga says:

    Apparently, this Great Mother is as patronizing as my mother. Jeez. What are we going to hear next? That boy gods mature more slowly than girl gods? Give me a break.

  36. Sybil says:

    Renunciation of the Great Mother was associated with the Wasteland theme of the Holy Grail cycle of the middle ages. If the Mother is neglected or offended, she may curse the land with the same barrenness seen by the crusaders in the deserts of the Middle East, which renounced the goddess in favor of Islam. The result is a landscape of spiritual death where religion is dissociated from feelings and life experiences since religion is imposed by authoritarian indoctrination and accepted only under duress and with reservations.

    Why else is every gothic cathedral in Europe named ‘notre dame’?

    But I do understand, Junga. My mother voted for Nixon.

  37. Emissary of GOD says:

    It is amazing that even the most sincere comment can be twisted into something so unintelligible, and ludicrous.

    The analogy of the “Gated Community”
    was just that, an analogy, but of course some of you took it too far, but then others didn’t take it far and serious enough.

    I know what I am speaking of on the subject of GOD/JESUS/Holy Spirit, because I have had an encounter with Him.
    Now my every day existence is lived with the knowledge that he is real, He is love, He is peace, He is hope, He is the only living, Sovereign GOD.

    You can’t w/o lying say that about any of your other gods.

    If you haven’t truly, sincerely tried Him then you have no clue of what I am speaking of, and you are just simply spouting out of ignorance.

    Much Love To All Of You
    Through JESUS Our Savior

  38. Emissary of GOD says:

    By-the-way, I in my youth sincerely gave so many of your other gods a try, and wouldn’t you know it ‘Nothing’.
    They turned out to be very dead or just a great distraction to keep me doing what some of you are doing.
    “What is that” you might ask!
    Seeking deceptive beliefs kept me from seeking and finally recieving Jesus, and having an opportunity to know the One true GOD.

    Please try to move all your stubborness out of the way and hear what I am saying to you.

    GOD is a loving GOD. Don’t try to blame him for the things that we have caused on ourselves. GOD’s word is all inclusive which means that there is cause and affect on everything that is done against His word, but He also is mercy and grace.
    Which is the reason why you don’t recieve His swift and immediate justice when you mock or blaspheme.

    I will say this, and then I am done.

    There is only two sides GOD and the devil. Everything outside of Jehovah was spawned by the devil. Note that I did not say created because he can’t create anything.
    But really other than GOD everything else is irrelevant because


    Much Love To All Of You
    Through JESUS Our Savior

  39. Ralph says:

    OK, see, you keep changing the story.

    You started off by trying to convince us to accept GOD/JESUS, even though doing so might be wrong, because there’s a risk in not accepting him. Why take that chance?

    Now it’s a different story. Apparently I should accept GOD/JESUS because you have had an encounter with him. Now there’s a different problem with that.

    See, people say they have encounters with other gods and goddesses too. So if I accept GOD/JESUS because you say you had an encounter with Him/Him, it only follows that I accept other gods and goddesses because other people say they have had encounters with them too. Right?

  40. Emissary of GOD says:

    Ralph-It is unfortunate that you haven’t really been paying attention.

    All my words and opinions are really not the issue. GOD does not mince words!
    This is what you need to know, and then meditate on it, pray about it if you know how.

    John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his only and unique Son, so that everyone who trusts in Him may have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed.

    This is not the King James Version.
    This is what was actually written by the urging of the Holy Spirit.

    Much Love To All Of You
    Through JESUS Our Savior

  41. Ralph says:

    “This is not the King James Version.
    This is what was actually written by the urging of the Holy Spirit.”

    Written by whom, exactly? You? Is the Holy Spirit telling you to re-write the Bible?

  42. Billy Buerger says:

    EoG, could you enlighten us in some ways in which god is loving? You talk a lot about god being loving. I just was wondering what some examples of this love are.

  43. Laurie O says:

    I find it very interesting that EOG feels the need to argue for a faith that believes in God/Jesus, which is monotheistic and that actually encompasses Judaism, Islam and Christianity. There are several others but she can go to Wikipedia under religion and take a look.

    Then she tells us we need to be Christians for Christian sake, well EOG, Protestant? Catholic? Of course there is a disagreement going on right now and I cant remember at the time if my church (this was 7 years ago) was ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church Assoc) or ALCA (American Lutheran Church Assoc) pretty sure it was ELCA, had scheduled a mission trip to Mexico. Great, I’ll go what are we doing? Building schools, bringing books, teaching English what? “No,” said the leader of the group, “we will be baptizing the heathens and making them Christians.”

    Um, isn’t like the whole country of Mexico like 99.9 percent Catholic? So I guess in the eyes of the ELCA, Catholics are heathens. Got it.

    Here is something for EOG and the rest like her, I believe in something, call this something “it”, “god”, “faith”. What I don’t believe in anymore is the church (the building, the organization), the people who run it(the cliques, the priests, the pastors, the popes), and the people who try and run my country with it.

    I mock God in the commercial and political sense that you and the rest like you have propagated God to become, why do you think there are so many non believers, we can watch television anytime we want to find God, that is what Christians have boiled it down to. God has become a vial political agenda and a 30 sec. commercial. No wonder we mock.

    If you were stuck on an island EOG with 3 other people of different faiths, would you still believe in your god and worship even though you didn’t have your community, your building, your book, and your pastor/priest to preach to you? Of course you would.

    Don’t need a religion to have faith my dear. Religion is for the unimaginitive and the followers not the seekers.

  44. Emissary of GOD says:

    I am so sorry that a lot of Christians have done so many things in the name of Jesus that are not Jesus at all, but what I am doing about that is praying for them instead of complaining about them.

    I stopped looking at what man is doing a long time ago.

    My and your faith can’t be contingent on what man is or isn’t doing.

    By-the-way, I am a man, and I have failed so much in my life I have stopped trying to keep track, but this I know.

    When I truly ask for forgiveness, and set my mind to turning from (repentance) those things that I know are displeasing to GOD, I believe w/o a doubt that I am forgiven.

    You asked a question:
    “If you were stuck on an island EOG with 3 other people of different faiths, would you still believe in your god and worship even though you didn’t have your community, your building, your book, and your pastor/priest to preach to you? Of course you would.”

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt I would.
    The community, buildings, bible, pastors, bishops, prophets, and all the other ways that I get fed are merely tools for the purpose of learning who GOD is, and what He wants for me.

    You said:
    “I find it very interesting that EOG feels the need to argue for a faith that believes in God/Jesus, which is monotheistic and that actually encompasses Judaism, Islam and Christianity.”

    I am not in any way arguing what I believe to be the truth.

    If you know something to be the truth
    there is no argument.

    My hope here is to help some of you understand better about GOD.
    Hopefully getting you to a point where you will truly try Him for yourself.


  45. Junga says:

    Oh, that’s rich. Christianity as a faith can’t be measured by what Christians do.

    Should we hold political parties to the same standard, so that the Republican Party couldn’t be criticized according to what Republicans do?

    Why stop there? We could also say that we shouldn’t judge Nazism according to what the Nazis did, because the ideology is soooo separate from the people.

    No, I’m not going down that path, you emissary. Go preach somewhere else. This is not your fertile ground, because people think here.

  46. Emissary of GOD says:

    Billy B. you asked

    “EoG, could you enlighten us in some ways in which god is loving? You talk a lot about god being loving. I just was wondering what some examples of this love are.”

    You would first have to know that all good things come from Him, and that He is the author of the Universe.
    His design and plans are based on his infinite knowing of the physical and the spiritual, with emphasis on spiritual, because the physical world is temporary, but the spiritual realm is eternal, and what He wants for us now spiritually will bring us to living with Him through eternity.
    I said all that to say this.
    GOD is more concerned about your soul, and where you will spend eternity, not this fleshly existence.
    When you start to have some understanding of these things then and only then will you begin to see His infinite love for us His creation.


  47. Billy Buerger says:

    I guess the reason for my question was to see if you had anything to say other than in order to believe in god, “you start by believing in god…”

    EoG said…. “If you know something to be the truth there is no argument.”

    And I think that about explains it all. In which case there is no reason to continue debating the topic as “there is no argument.”

  48. Ralph says:

    OK, bear with me here.

    God knows everything, right? And you are coming here with a message from God, right?

    Your message from God consists of a bunch of half-baked arguments, unconvincing testimonials, and scriptural sound bites that really don’t hold together or make much sense.

    My question is this: Why would God, through you his Emissary, send me a message that he knew would be unconvincing? I can only think of two alternatives:

    1. God exists, and He wants me to be an atheist, so he sends me unconvincing messages through Emissaries like you.

    2. You are not really God’s Emissary, and you’re just making the whole thing up as you go along.

    I’m leaning towards number two, but you never know. Apparenly the Lord works in mysterious ways…

  49. Jim says:

    Well, Ralph, it’s also possible that God is a Pothead.

  50. John McArdle says:

    “ONLY THE WHITE SOUTHERN BAPTISTS WHO USE THE KING JAMES BIBLE and voted for reagan the bush family and romney and ryan and mcain and palin will be going to heaven” Guffaw Yuck Yuck Yuck hee hee hee har dee har har break out that confederate flag and turn up the ted nugent rock N roll! The USA is presently in great decline because of these ignorant people. Low Income low IQ in the red states? red necks , racists? Fundie evangelicals? And GREEDY wealthy and Corporations? What a diablolical and ignorant combination? THE USA is declining since 1980 ronnie reagan republitard economics!

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