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An Inconvenient Release Schedule

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would be going to see Al Gore’s new documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, which had a much-trumpeted release date of May 26. I should have written that I would be attempting to go to see the movie; when I looked for local showtimes, I could not find a single one in the entire Raleigh-Durham area, where over more than a million people live. Perplexed, I visited fandango to look for surely missing showtimes, and could not find a a single one. I also could not find any showtimes for An Inconvenient Truth in Columbus OH, Louisville KY, Indianapolis IN, New Orleans LA, Boca Raton FL, Atlanta GA, Tucson AZ, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis MN, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Knoxville TN or Dallas TX.

Where the heck is this movie playing on its opening day? Hollywood, Santa Monica, and New York City. That’s it, according to Al Gore’s own website on the film (and verified at rottentomatoes). This is the big event that’s going to change everyone’s thinking on climate change? A movie opening in the three American communities where people are already most likely convinced on the topic of global warming?

I am seriously bummed, and not just because I cannot personally see the movie. I am depressed that a documentary which should be playing primarily in Peoria is again making its opening rounds in the insular lands of Manhattan and Tinseltown.

One thought on “An Inconvenient Release Schedule”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Stumbled across your site and find it quite interesting. Your Irregular Times statement sounds scary. I have become very frightened by what I see in our United States.

    Your post on the Incovenient Release is dead on. I live in Louisville. Hard as I have tried, I can’t find a movie theater showing An Inconvenient Truth. You can’t know the truth if you never see or hear it. Imagine what sales would be if people could actually go see it!

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