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After Gore Says He Won’t Run, He’s Still Top Democratic Pick for President

Jim reported this morning that Al Gore dominated the sales of bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other campaign gear for the month of May. We sell these items at our Vote Democratic 2008 shop and other progressive campaign shops. In spite of all the early hype about her campaign for President, it looks like support for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign is sputtering out in the Democratic grassroots.

How badly Clinton’s presidential campaign is doing can be easily seen by a comparison of how well gear supporting the Clinton for President campaign is selling when compared to other candidates. If we wanted to be especially generous, we might compare how well Clinton for President stickers, shirts and so forth are selling compared to a the gear for a Democrat who has declared that he is almost certainly not running. Hillary Clinton should definitely be able to outcompete someone who isn’t even running, right?

Well, it turns out that isn’t the case. Support for Senator Clinton’s campaign for President is dropping so fast that she can’t even beat an avowed non-candidate.

Yesterday, on a Sunday morning talk show, Al Gore said that he could not conceive of a situation in which he would agree to run for President again. That should have dashed the hopes of Gore supporters, and led them to stop buying our pro-Gore stickers, buttons, and shirts, but that’s not what happened.

sunday june 4 presidential 2008 sales chartAfter that morning talk show yesterday, Al Gore’s campaign gear kept right on selling far better than the gear for any other candidate for President. This chart shows how much Al Gore is favored by the Democratic grassroots these days, and how far behind Hillary Clinton has fallen.

Yesterday, 51.3 percent of the 2008 presidential campaign gear was in favor of Al Gore for President, in spite of the fact that Al Gore had just announced he was almost certainly not running. Hillary Clinton didn’t even manage to run near the top of the pack yesterday. Senator Joe Biden for President gear was in second place, with 17.9 percent, followed by Governor Bill Richardson at 12.8 percent and Senator Russ Feingold at 10.3 percent.

Hillary Clinton was barely surviving yesterday, hanging back with stragglers John Kerry and John Edwards at 2.6 percent each. So much for her frontrunner status.

Ah, but as Jim points out, Senator Clinton is getting lots of big donations. Some say that politicians receiving big checks is all that matters in politics these days. I sure hope they’re wrong.

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