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The Crawford Peace House: the Highlander Folk School of the 21st Century

While the newspapers and cable news networks (and hey, us sometimes too) focus on national politics, there’s a lot of local activism that may be of interest to you. One example is the The Crawford Peace House. While Cindy Sheehan was in Crawford engaged in her highly public protest, her effort eclipsed the work of others in the area to oppose the militaristic approach of the Bush administration. Long after Cindy Sheehan has gone, the Crawford Peace House continues to form a nexus for anti-war activism in Texas. With training sessions for activists, a set of speakers coming through on an occasional basis representing a variety of causes, organizational meetings and an incredibly open door for visitors, the Crawford Peace House has become in its three years a new sort of Highlander Folk School, a place where connections get made for fired-up people living between the coasts.

Do you know of any other regional centers of activism like these? If so, let us know; we’d like to spread the word. Send on an e-mail to “retorts” at, well, you know.

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