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Caption Challenge: Bob Ney and the Meeting that Never Happened

Intoxination tips us off on the existence of a photograph showing Ohio Republican Congressman Bob Ney meeting with Jack Abramoff clients, Tigua tribe Lt. Gov Carlos Hisa and Tigua Tribal Councilmember Raul Gutierrez, not even a week after coming back from a Scotland golf junket accompanied by and paid for by Jack Abramoff. After that meeting, in which Bob Ney called Jack Abramoff “the man to work with in Washington,” Rep. Ney pushed legislation to benefit the Tigua tribe.

Now, here’s the tricksy bit: Bob Ney swore to Senate investigators that he wasn’t familiar with the Tigua tribe, even though he promoted legislation helping the tribe out, and even though he met with Tigua tribe leaders for an hour and a half.

So here’s today’s CAPTION CHALLENGE: What could these three be saying that could possibly explain Rep. Ney’s faulty memory?

Bob Ney and Members of the Tigua Tribe Hisa and Gutierrez meet in 2002

I’ll start it off:

Ney: Hey, now, what was in that drink?
Hisa: Oh, nothing, just a traditional ceremonial ingredient…
Gutierrez: Roofies are a traditional ceremonial ingredient?
Hisa: Ssshhh…

3 thoughts on “Caption Challenge: Bob Ney and the Meeting that Never Happened”

  1. Tom says:

    This is known as the Reagan defense: “i can’t remember . . .”

  2. John Stracke says:

    He can remember them; but, strictly speaking, being “familiar” with them is a higher bar. He probably doesn’t know much about the tribe other than that they paid him off.

  3. Alan says:

    “Roofies”? Am I getting old that I don’t know that one?

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