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Salvia Divinorum: My First Trip Podcast (Part Two, The Actual Smoking)

In reaction to a great deal of speculation, warning and hype, I’ve decided it’s time to try out Salvia Divinorum, a legal hallucinogen that you can find at a number of head shops in the United States. So last night I recorded a podcast as I inhaled ten sets of two inhalations of salvia leaves. Today, I’m sharing the proceedings with you — not with the intention of offering a definitive or even representative experience, but just as one person’s experienced, neither hyped up into some mystical thingamajig nor blown out of proportion by scare tactics.

So click here for part two of the salvia divinorum podcast, in which I stop talking about reasoning, logistics and technique, and get right down to smoking the stuff. Yes, it does get stupid at times. But rather than excise those portions, I’ve left everything in except for names (bleeped out) and the long silences while I inhale and hold in the smoke from the salvia itself. That way, you can listen to one reasonably accurate take of a salvia experience, silly goofs and gaffes included.

Click here for part one of the salvia divinorum podcast, in which I discuss my reasons for the experiment, necessary logistics for salvia use, and a bit about safe technique.

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