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Peace Takes Courage

peace takes courage button I want to take a minute this evening to provide a quick link over to a web site called Peace Takes Courage. Peace Takes Courage is a site that’s gained a lot of attention because it’s run by a 15 year-old girl from Alabama, Ava Lowery. I say, forget about that. It’s a good solid anti-war site no matter what age the creator. Powerful short movies, and links to relevant articles. A great presentation.

Good on you, Ava. Keep up the good work. Make a career of it. Don’t let the death threats deter you – they’re a sign that you’re making a difference where it counts.

We’ve been using the slogan peace takes courage for some time ourselves – long enough to be able to say confidently that it will remain a relevant rallying cry for some time to come.

4 thoughts on “Peace Takes Courage”

  1. Tom says:

    Yes, peace takes courage. So the very fact that we’re a warrior nation (pretty much throughout our history) makes us what? A bunch of “might makes right” goons that tromp around beating people up until we “have it our way.” So we lack the courage to see the other sides’ points of view and are now viewed as bullies, thugs, and criminals. Good job, Amerikkka! That’s the way to show the world what “freedom” and “rights” mean.

  2. Junga says:

    Important point there, Tom. Bullies are not courageous.

  3. Terry says:

    My family’s military history is traced back from the American war for indipendance, Trafalgar, Waterloo, Crimea, Sudan, Boer war, 1st and second world war, Korea and several minor conflicts all of which sought to perpetuate the British Empire by violence.

    Through that period of time, a succession of men have stepped forward to defend the honor of Great Britain. Not only in my family, but in thousands of other families.

    To serve the King in return for his paltry shilling was a sign of bravery. Those few who resisted the press gangs or who hid from the military recruiters who used devious and despicable methods to get young men to volunteer for service, where injury and death were rewarded only a letter from the commanding officer (my family has several).

    A coward has always been described as the one who has refused to fight for whatever reason. People have never been able to make their own decisions without sensure from those who benifit most from their participation.

    It is time for us all to come to terms with what PEACE means to each of us. In some situations, peace is the absence of conflict. In others it is the opposite to war. In my own mind, peace and courage are synonimous. It takes courage to stand in the face of violence and refuse to fight. It takes courage to refuse to defend a position with which you do not agree.

    More has been achieved by men of peace than all the warriors who take up arms. We who believe in peace, remeber the name of Ghandi. We do not remember the name of the British officer who called upon his troops to fire upon innocent PEACEFUL demonstrators. We remember Martin Luther King for his stand for civil rights. We do not remember the faceless klan members who opposed his message with violence.

    Peace takes courage.

    Violence is the only way that a coward can impose his will.

  4. Jorge Flores says:

    Hi my name is Jorge, and I saw the commercial on mtv and i just wanted to say I completely agree with you.I also want to share that my uncle unfortunately was killed in Iraq, and for that i just hate bush for not bringing the troops in Iraq back home.
    Anyways I am truly inspired from you and keep on doing what you are doing.

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