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New: Sweatshop-Free Liberal T-Shirts in Styles and Colors Aplenty

NOTE: We no longer recommend Goodstorm. The company talked a good game, but they’re not sending out payment to shopkeepers, and they aren’t maintaining their website, and we can’t for the life of us get in contact with these people. Trust has been broken. Go to Skreened instead.

For about three years now, we’ve been designing and selling sweatshop-free shirts, including organic cotton t-shirts, via CafePress, a print-on demand service. We’ve always liked the ability to sell through CafePress, but all their sweat-free shirts are in shades of white — and we’ve often heard from folks asking if we could offer similar designs on red shirts, or black ones, or gray ones. We always could have via CafePress, but we’d have had to print on shirts that were made in overseas sweatshops, and we just weren’t comfortable with that. CafePress keeps promising that they’ll come out with sweatshop-free black t-shirts, any month now, no really, but after a year of promises we’re still waiting.

Then, about a year ago, we found an outfit called Spreadshirt through which we could print some liberal sweatshop-free colored t-shirts in a variety of shades, even green and orange! But it turns out we can only use a limited set of images, and for technical reasons the shop interface is a little clunkier than we like. We’re happy to continue offering these shirts, but we’ve been looking for something more.

Well, now we’ve come upon an option we really like. Beginning today, we’re happy to offer a variety of liberal political t-shirts, all designed personally by us, and all made sweatshop-free by American Apparel, through an outfit called Goodstorm. Each design we offer can be printed for you on multiple shirt colors, including white, black, red, gray, blue, pink and this funky grayish brownish color they call “pebble.” There are multiple styles available in a full range of sizes, too: Men’s fitted tees, Women’s fitted tees, and the “Baby Doll” style (the name of which I don’t understand, but there you go). We’ve been able to set up our online shop intuitively, as you first pick out the design you’re interested in and then pick out a style and color to your liking.

Here are just a few samples of what’s available:

If you’re interested in checking out all the designs we have available (30 as of right now, and new ones added each day), you can find our new political t-shirt shop here.

24 thoughts on “New: Sweatshop-Free Liberal T-Shirts in Styles and Colors Aplenty”

  1. unidavalos says:

    Urbane Couture is giving away punk t shirts I saw it on the urbane couture myspace page

  2. Jim says:

    Someone will, like, tear the shirt for you before you buy it, and then pin it together for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself? That’s so punk.

    Unidavalos, I don’t see any information on that page regarding the sourcing of their shirts before they rip and pin them for you. Do you have that information?

    Or did you just cut and paste this in an instance of comment spam?

  3. Christina says:

    I started a Goodstorm store and I’m so happy that there are a number of colors in sweat shop free stuff, but it’s sooooooo slow. It takes forever to get to a page from your site or any and uploading, fogetttaboutit.

    I’m hoping they improve soon. Bummer, I’ve been looking on and off and by the way, SpreadShirt will switch brands on customers if you don’t watch it.

  4. Jim says:

    I agree with you. Goodstorm is incredibly slow.

    And thanks for the tip on Spreadshirt. I’ll check it out.

  5. Christina says:

    Please send Goodstorm a feedback on the slowness. I did and they say they’re checking on it. It’d be good if it was more than me. It’s such a bummer.

    Yeah, I opened up a Spreadshirt store a while back, they had lots more AA stuff and then they switched to Bella while still keeping the USA made label on the photos. They they also switched to Gilden (notorious human rights violations) on the muscle t, which was AA at one point. Small type that they will switch brands if necessary if they are out on the AA. I was pissed. It took hours to upload with their ultra clunky system.

  6. Nijma says:

    I have dialup, so everything I do online is slow.

    But doesn’t it seem Goodstorm is slow with payment? With Amazon I have direct deposit, and can disburse any funds to myself whenever I want or wait for their very specific automatic payment dates, with an equally specific date of when the funds will be available in the bank account.

  7. Christina says:


    I’ve had two goodstorm shops since February. I haven’t had the chance to advertise, but old traffic to both stores has resulted in sales exceeding $500.00 profit. This is supposed to be sent to me. I write goodstorm nearly every two weeks and they promise to pay me, but I haven’t received anything yet.

    Have you all been getting paid?

  8. Jim says:

    Actually, you’re right, we haven’t either. And they DID promise! Hmmm!

    Anybody else with the same experience?

  9. Nijma says:


    They promise to send a check every month as long as the balance is above $100, but I have only received one check, for a little over two hundred, and that was well over a year ago. The balance is much higher than that now, and in the last two weeks my sales have been starting to pick up.

    I would have switched to someone else long ago, but Goodstorm is literally the ONLY outfit that has an ethically produced black tee, not to mention large black tees and union-made black tees. My most popular design has white letters on black, and half of my sales are in larger sizes–apparently a good portion of the T-shirt buying world does not fit the American Apparel small-and-young mold.

  10. Nijma says:

    In all fairness I have to mention that Skreened has not sent me anything yet either, although they do not state how to get paid anywhere on their website that I can find. I know they’re new and still setting up, but I should think they would be getting up to speed any time now.

    CafePress, in spite of their unresponsiveness to sweatshop issues, does pay exactly when and how they say they will pay.

    If progressive sweatshop-free and child-labor-free products are going to be viable, shopkeepers will need to get paid. That’s pretty basic.

  11. Christina says:

    I tried calling (+1 415 552 6100) and Robin Harris’ voice mail box is full. This is the man who has emailed me over the last 4 months that I’ll be getting paid soon, I’ve emailed him ever 2 weeks.

    They just dropped the t-shirt wizard, I’m wondering if they are going to crap out on us. I don’t know what to do. I took me weeks and weeks to upload the files and taking it all down is time consuming. I don’t want to give them any more of my money though.

    Cafepress does pay at least. I was so happy when I found Goodstorm, but they are a nightmare now.

  12. Nijma says:

    They might all be at the YearlyKos convention. They did the ebook for last year’s DailyKos convention. Maybe the few lowly smurfs they left to watch the store don’t know what to do when something breaks.

    Everybody has a boss. If the person you’ve been dealing with in the Goodstorm organization hasn’t been able to help you, maybe you’ve been talking to the wrong person.

    As far as I know, the people ordering merchandise have been getting it. How hard would it be to set up Paypal to do the payment part?

  13. Jim says:

    Christina, I’m concerned — I have tried to find any phone number for the company, and there is none on their website. I can’t find an e-mail contact either.

  14. Christina says:

    That number I provided above is their number. I did a whois search. I did email again and they promised a check on Friday and explained that they are really just now getting their act together with the t-shirt side of the business. There’s just not enough people to cover the entire operation, but it will improve both for shop keepers and customers in the near future. So I should hang in there. I’ll keep you posted.

  15. Christina says:

    Use the feedback form on the site, that’s how I send them email.

  16. Nijma says:

    The Goodstorm website “feedback” button (besides sending email) lists two email addresses. Another legal-type email address and mailing address is in the 23rd point under “terms”.

    One blog says there was an email that went out about discontinuing the custom t-shirt service–I didn’t receive it myself, and I don’t see it on their website:

    “A recent email from states that they are no longer supporting their Custom T-Shirt Designer. The application allowed web site owners to put a t-shirt designer script on their site and allow their users to create and purchase custom t-shirts. It is not clear exactly why Goodstorm is no longer doing the custom t-shirt portion of their business. It appears that they still allow people to open stores and sell t-shirts through their marketplace but you are no longer able to host a custom designer on your site. It sounds like they are making a switch to other industries. They made the following statement in their email: “GoodStorm will be undergoing some exciting changes in the next few months, and we are asking our valued partners to be patient while we develop new tools to better serve your needs and those of your community.” One of which is for music that contains a catalog of 2.7 million independent music tracks that allows people to sell them on their web site.”

    another blogger is discontinuing their Goodstorm shirts, and changing to to a different supplier, but they don’t say who or why:

    If you look at the CEO’s blog, it’s all about music and nothing at all about t-shirts.

  17. Christina says:

    they’re probably switching to spreadshirt. Goodstorm is not stopping their t-shirt stores, but they have been focusing on the music part and not the shirts, but that should level out soon since it took a large effort to launch it, but not as much to run it. (This is what I gathered from the email they sent me.)

    So I’m going to hang in there and let you know if I get my check next week as they promised it would be sent on Friday this week.

  18. Nijma says:

    I received a check after emailing them twice–but only a very partial payment.

  19. Jim says:

    I’m going to harrass them today — we have never received any payment whatsoever, and it’s been over a year. I don’t care if Goodstorm’s motto is “Capitalism Done Right” — not paying people for their work is Morality Done Wrong.

  20. Odd Claude says:

    Golly, but this morning, I can’t even get their web site to load. Are they going to Themestream us?

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  23. Christina says:

    I got the check about 1 week after I posted and I intended to come back and let you know but I got side tracked. I’m sticking with Goodstorm, they are getting better as time goes by.

  24. Jim says:

    Well, we still haven’t gotten ours, and it’s been a year since the first promise.

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