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What Does Tweety Bird Mean?

tweety bird meaningSomeone explain this to me: Why do I see so many women with tattoos of Tweety Bird?

What does Tweety Bird represent? Is there some deeper cultural meaning to Tweety Bird that I don’t understand?

Is there a Tweety Bird code that only people who have Tweety Bird tattoos can interpret?

How is someone with a Tweety Bird tattoo different with than someone with no Tweety Bird tattoo?

What I know about Tweety Bird:

Can’t really fly.
Big round head.
Huge eyes.
Irritatingly cute.
Kept by a grandmother with a dangerous umbrella.
At war with a hungry cat.

Most people don’t even watch Looney Tunes cartoons any more. So what gives? Why does Tweety Bird remain important? Is there a fundamental archetype that Tweety Bird represents? Or is Tweety Bird so blank that anyone can assign meaning to this meaningless object?

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Bird Flu Ate My Mother
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Keep the Shore Clean
Wetlands are for the Birds conservation bumper sticker
Wetlands are for the Birds

Peace and Justice Flying Bird Baby Onesie
Lucky Lady Bird Beetle


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130 comments to What Does Tweety Bird Mean?

  • HareTrinity

    I always thought he was ugly and annoying, but some people think he’s cute in his baby-like way.

  • Most people don’t even watch Looney Tunes cartoons any more.

    That might be part of it: when a symbol is no longer in live use, its meaning can easily drift. Maybe, for the tattoo people, Tweety Bird doesn’t mean “that ditzy little bird in the cartoon”; it just means “a cute little icon”.

  • Vynce

    i think the idea is that he looks sweet and innocent, but is completely capable of taking care of himself, cleverly or by force. which would be well and good, except that he does it selfishly and at the deteriment of others. he’s not jsut self-sufficient, he’s cruel.

    he personifies the cutesy & dumb act that works so well in american culture — 51% angel, 49% bitch is another facet of that. and i think it will be around for a while.

    of course, some people might just like the big eyes. *shrug*

  • Sarge

    I read somewhere about archetypes. Tweety is cute, sweet I agree that he is sweet as nitre) but if you think he is weak, easy prey, take advantage of him (or try to) you do so at your peril.

    A condutor I know told me that he had beem asked about the Bugs Bunny “Barber of Seville” parody. He thought about it for a minute and said he figured that it was just fine, children everywhere heard the good Rosinni overture, and the Bugs Bunny charactor was in the place of Figaro, the Barber of Seville with good reason, they were actually the same charactor.. Nobility was very uncomfortable with Figaro (my friend says that there are similarities that go back to Odysseus) because of what he was. Figaro and Bugs Bunny. Both of them weak, humble, non confrontational. But they best their “betters by using their wits, entities which are their “superior” by most standards. Nobility and wealth for Figaro, carnivores for Bugs. They use their wits, they are smart, learn their adversaries weakness and use it against them, they lie, use subterfuge, are brave, and mean. REALLY mean, if you mess with them. They tend to brag a bit, too. Maybe Tweety indicates a “steel magnolia”. Or a snapdragon that just might grow real teeth or breath real fire.

    Two of my four favorite ladies, my Rev’d cousin in law and my wife, well, I sometimes wonde if I shoudn’t have been scared to death of them for close to forty years, what with the things that sort of peek out every once in a while.

  • Terry

    Tweety Bird is a rat fink! And Granny is a fascist bully.

    Sylvester is a much maligned, abused, hungy pussy cat just trying to get a square meal.

    Signed S#$&^ster.

  • tweety

    fuck all yall tweety haters!!

  • jennifer

    i just love tweety bird. there is no reason. i just think hes cute. i have been collecting tweety bird memorabilia since i was a kid.

  • Jasmine

    i’m in love with tweety bird. to me he symbolize a funny and slick character. many people just hve tweety bird tatoos because he so cute and precious.

  • So why not have a tattoo of a golden baby doll? Cute and precious, right?

    Hm. Maybe that’s what Tweety bird is – a golden baby doll.

  • GG

    he is so sweet and innocent, how can you say anything bad about him?


  • Countrygal09

    Why are they hatin on tweety he’s so cute and innocent and for all yall that be hatin on my favorite cartoon character can go where the sun dont shine he might be fake but his character is makin more money than his haters…..Love ya Tweety

  • Anonymous

    i think tweety is gay n he need 2 get off t.v. n he needs help

  • Victoria

    I love tweety bird he is sooooooooooo cute!!! For all the people that be hatin’ and dont like him and think he’s ugly and a waist of time; they just jealous because they dont have the looks, fame, or the money that he has. He might be just a cartoon but he’s more than that to me!!!

  • Eric B.

    Why does tweety lovers are constantly bringing his money as an argument? What does it have to do as a quality for a cartoon character? So except the fact that it is found cute, there’s no great thing to say about it, it’s a very primar attachment, as for kitten or babies.

    By the way, what does ”tweety” means?

  • i think some of these poeple are dumb and their are still poeple the watch looney tunes. I LOVE TWEETY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes it fascinates me which threads on this website seem to attract the completely illiterate responses. As for the people referring to “all you Tweety haters” — uh… how many Tweety haters are there in this thread? As far as I can tell, there are more vocal Tweety-hater-haters than Tweety haters, so there’s probably no need to complain about the tweety-hating “dominance” of the thread. (this is a tactic we often see from politicians who have nothing of actual consequence to say — they just complain about the forum, instead, or say that the debate is being controlled by their opponents who don’t want to hear their side. it’s pretty stupid, as debate tactics go, but unfortunately, it seems to work on the general public very well.)

    which brings me to my other point — why do people so vehemently defend capitalist icons? tweety has never done anything for you, personally — he does exist, so he certainly doesn’t give to charity or employ your grandmother or otherwise demonstrate any caring for you… so why do you feel the need to give a corporation using his likeness your money,a dn then turn around and vehemently “defend” him from people who merely ask why on Earth you’d choose to do so? but I don’t just mean for tweety — i mean for anybody out there with a corporate character fetish. it’s just part of a larger thing i don’t get about american culture. He makes money on his popularity as a money maker. some people are famous for being celebrities. I don’t get it.

    (To be clear and honest, I like Spider-Man, and I have even come own two Spider-Man t-shirts, but I don’t go around railing on all the Spidey-haters, or Batman fans. When asked why I like the wall-crawler, I never say it’s because he’s got mad bling, or the hottest girl in marvel universe, or that he sells tons of merch in the real universe — if I were an advertising executive, that might be what I liked about him. But as a cog in this capitalism, what i like about him is the character he was written to be; the sense of humor and the morality reflected in some of the canon were better than other superheroes of his time, in my opinion, makinghim more interesting an socially relevant than the average — in my opinion. why would i care how good he is at making money, except as a sideways measure of how effective he is as a vehicle for his message?)

    p.s. Eric B: “Tweety” refers to “tweet” — an onomatopoeic word meaning a particular nooise a bird can make. “Tweety” would mean “of or like a tweet” or in this case “one who tweets” — a pretty stupid name for a bird, on the surface. However, it is almost certainly also a play on “sweetie”: a term of endearment, usually used for children or lovers.

  • Benita

    Tweety is the best around because he is cute and addorible no matter how big his head may be. Tweety is still very attractive to me. So please stop hating on my baby.

  • Jim

    You gave birth to a bird?

  • i think that tweety bird is pretty ‘NOT’ ugly.if you look on tweety you can see that tweety is pretty

  • write back. if you want to email me just email at banika95yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

    Tweety RULES!!!!! Been a huge fan for many years. Between his color and his looks, he rocks!

  • brionna hall

    oh my god i luv tweety bird so dag on much man!!!!!!

  • brionna hall

    OH NO BOO DATS MY BABY SORRY HE IS ALREADY TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Animist

    Eject! Eject! Abort mission!

  • karla

    4 AlL u HaT3Rz Dat r HatIn on Tweety he RoCkZ Hell Y3Ah SO iF u HatIN FUK U!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have a tweety bird on me to it is nice

  • I LOVE YOU TWEEY YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTIE

  • Iroquois

    No one has mentioned Tweety’s speech, er, can we say impediment? It’s not really a real lisp though. Tweety’s most famous line is “I taught I taw a putty tat,” which is Tweety for “I thought I saw a pussy cat”. So, for starters, Tweety can’t pronounce “s”. But instead of saying thaw for saw, like the classic lisp, Tweety says “taw”. Tweety can’t say “th” either. And Tweety has to use “t” for “c” as well.

    Now who does that? Babies for one. Children who are learning how to talk. All of which are pre-pubescent and asexual. Could that be Tweety’s attraction?

    I have been saying Tweety, Tweety, Tweety, trying to avoid the personal pronoun whereby I would have to declare Tweety’s gender, because I’m really not that sure, but the posters above have clearly decided Tweety is a “he”. But a non-sexually-threatening “he” that is their “baby” and can’t even lithp properly. Is that Tweety’s secret?

  • “Dats my Tweety all da” I luv Tweety
    Bird dats my favorite character on Looney Tunes “YAHHHHH DIGGGGGGG”



  • I love tweety i can’t get enough of it . HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE AND FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him

  • Really? Name me one funny thing Tweety Bird has done.

  • mell

    Tweety is the epitome of happiness. He always “looks on the bright side of life” no matter who’s trying to eat him and he looks all cute and innocent but totally isn’t…
    Who doesn’t want to look sweet and adorable but know deep down that they can take care of shit when they need too…

  • Are there seriously a bunch of 3 tooth Tweety supporters typing “fuck all yall tweety haters” ? Wow.

    All I can say is that Tweety is a bratty twat, and any girl with a tweety tattoo should be drowned in the shallow gene pool she crawled out of.

  • slatka

    za mene je twwety kao stvarna osoba no ipak je samo lik iz crtića možda me to i podsječa da je živa.Ali ona je samo lik iz crtića i jedna prekrasna žuta ptičica

  • Chelse

    Why you all haters hating on my “Tweety”? and I do say “MY Tweety” cause I collect him and things that have his picture. What has he done to you all? He’s just the cutest cartoon, that’s all, so stop “Hating”. You all just jealous cause he’s too cute. Anyways, one important aspect in all this hating hides a reason for hatred in it self, cause hatred is causing killings around the world, if you know what I mean. So stop hating already, bet ya you all don’t even like you all selves.

  • But Chelse, why Tweety Bird and not Hello Kitty?

    Hello Kitty is cute too.

  • Iroquois

    Who are all these people who are hating “on” Tweety and why aren’t they posting here?

    And why don’t they hate “in” Tweety or “under” Tweety? Are they trying to crush Tweety?

  • […] two years ago, I asked a simple question: Why do so many women have tattoos of Tweety Bird, the Warner Bros. cartoon character? Other articles we write here at Irregular Times get surges of […]

  • teresa

    It has been a secret symbol for years for the gay community haha now your secret is out sandie R.

  • My secret that I don’t understand the secret symbols of the gay community?

  • soso

    eeeeee i dnt like the pic soz abt tht

  • Michelle McDonald

    What I find absolutely hilarious is that I went looking for a random picture of Tweety Bird, and what do you know? I found a site with comments that range from absolutely hilarious to the most idiotic to the intelligent comments about Tweety’s “lisp”. And yet, not one person actually answered the original question posted for this thread. I am truly amazed. :) And as for Tweety “haters”, I feel deeply sorry that you feel that much emotion towards a cartoon figure meant for little kids to laugh at. As to my comment regarding the original question, I can not personally answer that, because I neither idolize Tweety in any way nor do I look into the deep meaning of what Tweety represents. So I’m sorry that I can not provide an answer to the question, but I do think Tweety is fun to watch, not because I think it represents something, but because it can help one unwind. Good day to you all. :)

  • Jim

    I think Vynce’s comment:

    i think the idea is that he looks sweet and innocent, but is completely capable of taking care of himself, cleverly or by force. which would be well and good, except that he does it selfishly and at the deteriment of others. he’s not jsut self-sufficient, he’s cruel.

    he personifies the cutesy & dumb act that works so well in american culture…

    addresses the question pretty well.

  • for me the appeal of tweety is in the line “i tawt i saw a putty cat, i did i did see a putty cat”. the idea that tweety is about seeing. enormous eyes. we “think” we see something. then we confirm that we do. how many other cartoon characters are about vision and perception?

    tweety lovers abound because now, we’re living in a time when what we are seeing is changing so rapidly, and what we are seeing is so unclear, a cartoon character who is about vision resonates. at a time when veils between worlds lifting, ufo’s? conspiracies? activating DNA? a shift to a new level of human consciousness, an ability to use our intuitive sense of knowing, tweety seems like a bright little glimmer of learning to look carefully, openly and with optimism.

  • leasy

    i lovevtweety bird cuz my boyfriend call me dat. he say i have a kewt voice like em an …. lol a big head. he just playin tho. but tweety bird is my hubby

    LOVE U TWEETY!! i have yo ballon and bag.. i sorry i cudnt find the necklace :(

  • Mz.Tweety

    Fa all y’all bitches sayin tweetybird is y’alls guest no he is mine fuck all y’all thats my HUSBAND YA DIGG

  • Mz.Tweety

    it’s me again this is my boo KNO DAT FUCK U BITCHES. H@ H@ H@ H@ H@ H@ H@ H@ H@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, apparently for some people, Tweety Bird represents Tourette’s Syndrome, and the simple pleasure of babbling idiocy.

  • shay lanore

    i always thought he was a girl then when i found out he was a boy i thought he was gay. so i am not so sure what to think about tweety bird. i think he is cute and all but not reallworht gettin tatted with

  • How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    whoever da fuck said tweetybird bird was ugly u got him fucked up bitch please tweetybird look better dan all yall hoes put together so FALL DA FUCK BACK

  • lalala

    I want to know that tweety bird
    is a men or women?

  • ahhh…..look at tweety u so cute wit that flower and yo hand o my lil sis jariah love u she just wanted 2 give a shout out 2 all her haters that none of these girls can have u cause u already taken by her we love ya well we will holler at u later tweety.WE LOVE U TWEETY

  • octavia davis

    i love tweety bird

  • it is beautiful isn’t it

  • i like t bird ok she is mine ok

  • she is mine i got the bed site


  • Tammy Arrowood

    I have a Tweety Tattoo on my shoulder blade and there’s no code for a Tweety tattoo….Every women loves tweety because it’s there favorite character that’s all.

  • Sarah Judd

    My grandfather nicknamed me ” Tweety ” because it was my favorite cartoon as a kid. To me, Tweety stands for my grandfather who passed, and that’s why I intend to get a Tweety tat. It’s not because he’s annoyingly cute, but it is a plus.

  • tasha

    i KNOW that tweety bird is a boy and he is soooooooo freakin adorable and i love him soooooo much…i would cry if i found out that the person who play tweety bird died because i just love him soooo much. i would marry tweety bird if i could. he make me sooo happy. i have all his sheets, his movie, his slippers, his pajamas, his jewelry, his body is painted on my bedroom wall, i have all of his stuffed animals….my whole room and life is just TWEETY BIRD….hes da best!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    for every one who think tweety bird is a gurl its not true he is a male and always will be

  • nay nay

    for who ever the fuck got tatted up and cant tell me nothing about my man need to relly stop because if you talking to a rell tweety fan they should so for all u fake hoes who do no just stop

  • Its just ashame how you ppl are taking this tweety bird thing way out of proportion…I mean come on y does it have to mean something as strong as there being a subliminal message behind the character??? Me for one just happens to love the cute yellow critter, just seeing his cute little face just brings me a lot of joy. Stop arguing about it because there are plenty of othwr cartoon characters out there that ppl are either obsessed with or just really like. I mean I LOVE TWEETY and try to own everything that his cute little face is on but yall need to get a life instead of turning nuttin into sumthing!!!!!!

  • The Tweety Thia

    I luv TWEETY at the first sight.he is so cute,funny little bird.and I love him so much.he d’only one who always listen to me,d’only one who make me smile when I’m cry.and no matter what I LOVE TWEETY!!!coz I’m d’big fans of Tweety.

  • pete

    I always thought “tweety” meant “SWEETY” in lisp talk.

    but tweeting is what birds do…they tweet, thus “Tweety Bird.”

    I suppose if he squawked he’d be called “Squawky Bird.”

  • tweety bird is the like obama

  • hey twetty im yo biggest homegirl

  • Anonymous

    how do you know

  • Anonymous

    Hiz mii husb@nd h3 dont go wit ho3z

  • i luv tweety great pic whoev chose it

  • MIZz Tweetyb.

    Tweety is my man and is the best

  • V

    I do not understand why you idiot people waste time on the internet talking trash about a cartoon character saying things, such as, he’s ugly or that he represents the gay community or any other idiot comments that you mindless people have been saying. I am a fan of Tweety Bird and have been every since I have been a child and I just want to say that there are really no strings attached to the reasons that people love Tweety Bird so much or why females keeping getting tattoos of him on them. I’m pretty sure that Warner Brothers’ purpose for creating Tweety Bird or any of the Looney Tunes characters for that matter was simply for the entertainment and pleasure of little children; not to symbolize homosexuality or any thing else completely irrelevant! People, like me, enjoy Tweety Bird so much because he is just an adorable character that possibly reminds them of the good old days of watching cartoons as a child. This topic should not have even been a debate or a discussion. Does that answer your question J. Clifford???

  • Mizz tweety

    Tweety bird is my baby i love him my husband @ tweety bird is my husband for life

  • alejandra hernandez

    tweety is very very very cute

  • I am gettin the Tweety Bird Tat, because it represents mii BFF and the love I have for her as well. To me, it is showing her respect and that no matter what happens in this crazy insane world I will always be there for her and will always have her back…NO MATTER WHAT!!! I love U, JLP!!!

    So that was mii Tweety Bird Def. TC.

  • i love twee3t bird kiss

  • Tweetysz Official Wifey

    First of all…yall nneeda be aware of dhuh fact dhat iim Tweety Bird’s One and OnLii Wifey…Yuh Dighsz! Like…Yall Needa Stop Tryna Claiim Meh Role iin Hisz Life like…WTF! Find Yahll OWn Man!



  • tweety

    ppl is just hater wtf i love tweety bird so all that stop it cuz

  • dominque

    i love tweety bird is not your husband

  • TaWuan

    He’s soooo adorable . awwwwww ;)

  • Girl Ya Is Flaky My Daughta Owns Tweety So Fall Tha Fuck Back Off Tah One,.1!

  • Anonymous

    you are so lame all you do is put your conversations on here you go real hard at lameness.

  • sweetontweety7777

    ok i would love to ask you allllllll? how long have you been a fan of MY little buddy? I have loved him probably twice as long as any of yalllllll have been alive. LOL I loved tweety BEFORE you could even buy a shirt with his big head on it. My truck is dedicated to him. it is called the tweetymobile. it has SWEETONTWEETY written on it. Yea i got the jammies the socks the gloves and all the other garb. also have the cookie jar, cup ect. BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA kisses to allllll

    • Renee

      Wow I dont have all the way u have but will doooo! LOVE my tweety and no body F! whith my tweety eather !kick but four tweety!yeaaaa!thats what I dooo!

  • dave

    Tweety is a symbol for people who are heavily involved in the meth trade. They are generally snitches for the police (tattle like tweety). This is something I found out while working undercover.

  • Anonymous

    i love you tweety……………..

    • chinchin85

      I luv tweety bird…he(yes its a male baby bird) is the cutest thing around…Tweety is a good natured bird…until when Sylvester the hungry cat is after him.Tweety toys for babies are the cutest things to possess.If I luv somebody I call her TWEETY.Its by far the best cartoon character.I wish it wud have been a REAL TALKING BIRD….

  • 5STAR!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    uugghhh…i dont even really like tweety except for his/her eyes……but i have to draw him/her for a friend……..but i agree with 5STAR!!!!!!!! ’cause really, it’s not like twetty will just pop up out of no where and become your husband…..really…come on now

  • jazzy. bird

    Wow are you dumb bitches serious? Up here talkin crazy about a cartoon character? Lmfao this is sad. I Love tweety bird too but this is jus crazy fighting over him smh yes Him! They left his sex up in the air so more people would like him lol well u ugys have fun with him

  • Renee

    The only dumb B!!!!! I hear is U! talken Eal! about my tweety whats sad is that ur ass need to have some fun get to no tweety! be four talken out ur assss! uoooooo! I twat I twa a pudty tat maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tat on my asss! hel…………..p

  • Anonymous

    He represents my personality.flirtty .sniky and super smart.

  • Marianne

    I want a tweety tattoo because that is what I remember the most about my father. He had a tweety tattoo on his left arm. He passed away December 12, 1998.

  • It represents either sex…male or female…at the same time the symbol of tweetybird is in total agreement of gay rights because of the fact that tweety really doesnt have a gender.

  • Marshall

    Was your father in the Marines? Before my father’s second tour of Vietnam everyone in his platoon got the same tweety bird tattoo on their left forearm. Before he passed away in 2001 he told me there were only two of them with the tattoo left.

  • kitt

    i love tweety sho mch coz it s sooo cute like me:-)

  • kitt

    niether male nor female,,,,,, it is saifiiii ,,,watch bol:-)

  • tratra

    i fuckn love tweety no matter what :)

  • Sherry Sandee

    A person or animal with the capacity to out maneuver those who wish them ill. Generally the person or animal appears to be smaller or weaker then their attacker.

  • Provocateurrising@gmail.com

    Women with tweety bird tattoo’s are thought to be in the lifestyle. A swinger.

  • Irol

    My Dad had a jean jacket that had had tweety bird on it. He passed away 2 years ago, and I am looking for a tattoo with tweety bird ice fishing. My Dad spent all of his winter ice fishing, and that is the place where he went to heaven. All his friends called him ” Iceman”. My family and I have the ice castle now, and have placed our nick names ( that Dad used to call us) on the fish house as well. Anyway, I would like to get some ideas and pictures on what your thoughts may be for a tattoo.

  • imelda

    I don’t care if Tweety Bird is a he or a she what I truly love about him/her is his/her bright and sunny personality !!!! I am a Tweety Bird lover forever:)

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