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Camp Everything In Washington D.C.

George W. Bush is on vacation again, but rumor has it that he won’t be spending as much time at his dude ranch in Crawford, Texas as in previous years, because he wants to avoid Camp Casey, the protest camp named after an American soldier killed in Iraq. So, while Cindy Sheehan’s group has bought some land next to the President’s dude ranch, much of this year’s demonstration has moved to Washington D.C., to form something they’re calling Camp Democracy.

This new camp takes a seasonal focus, with what they call a “Summer of Resistance” and an “Autumn of Accountability”. What topics will the camp take on? Here’s what the organizers promise:

“end war, peace, nonviolence, accountability, impeachment, human rights, civil rights, immigrants rights, workers rights, women’s rights, voting rights, Katrina, end corporate welfare, meet human needs, healthcare, energy, education, environment, communications and creativity, hands-on media, and arts training.”

All those sound like important issues, but it’s a lot for one protest camp in Washington, D.C. to take on, isn’t it?

I’ve got an idea for another political camp in D.C. this summer: Camp Focus. Its mission will be to help progressive activists learn how to avoid laundry list campaigning, and focus on communicating core ideas in clear, concise language.

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