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Creationism To Disappear in Kansas and Pop Back Up in Kentucky.

Occasionally, too occasionally in this Bush Era, good news comes down the pike. Well, hooray and huzzah, it looks like voters in Kansas have turned out two proselytizing members of the State Board of Education, replacing them with two new moderate members that favor the teaching of evolutionary biology, along with all those other kooky empirically-based scientific thingamabobs. Board moderate Janet Waugh promises “to revisit the minutes and every decision that was 6-4, re-vote.”

Of course, you can’t completely kill off an idea like creationism that has the handy feature of being impossible to disprove. It’s like a game of Whack-a-Mole: smack it down in one place and it will pop up in another. And so we also see in today’s news that Creationism guru Ken Ham is on track to open his Creation Museum next year, with 25 million dollars that, I’m sure, came straight from The Lord.

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