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Draft Moyers 2008 Blitz is Stalling

Was last week’s hub-bub about the idea of a presidential run by Bill Moyers the beginning of something big, or just a summer fancy on the way to something more serious?

It doesn’t look good out in the blogosphere; there aren’t that many people talking about the Moyers 2008 idea this week. Technorati stats show the trend for “Moyers 2008” this month:

Technorati Chart

A few straggle in:

Speak Your Mind and Read Mine:

Mr. Moyers, you are absolutely resplendent when you speak to an issue and, considering the fact that most of the issues facing us today deal with life and death and even deal with the use of “the ultimate force”, the American people need leadership that is strong yet extremely clear in what its plans are and why it believes that those actions are best for The United States. Our president needs to be honest with the American people.

The rest of the world needs to know that The United States of America is a rational nation that reacts rationally because its president is a rational human being.

Mr. Moyers, you are that human being.


Somebody run for President!

Viable or not, I don’t care. Ralph. Bill Moyers. Gus Hall, where are you now? (I know, I know).

Rants ‘n Reviews:

Molly Ivins has a fantastic idea — run Bill Moyers for President. Nobody thinks he can win, but he will elevate the discourse to a level that many of us have never seen or might have forgotten: When debates were about issues, who won was about who was right.

If Moyers were to run, I agree with Molly that the other candidates will have no choice but to get markedly better.

Other than pieces of spam by robo-bloggers cutting and pasting Molly Ivins’ original article in hopes of getting some AdSense revenue, that’s about it.

What’s your take? Is a Bill Moyers candidacy just another idea on its way to the dustbin of history? Or does this notion have legs?

4 thoughts on “Draft Moyers 2008 Blitz is Stalling”

  1. Tom says:

    Look, is he IN or not? i keep reading articles that his lawyer has asked the drive to cease and desist, that Mr. Moyers has no inclination to run and would rather not be put on the spot like that. The mess to be cleaned up is monumental and can’t be done incompetently. The cronyism and corruption have to stop, and i don’t see that ending within a few years either. It’s going to be very difficult to get DC back on track, but we have to start now.

  2. Lank Frank says:

    Am I the only one who thinks so, or was Bill Moyers being just silly in claiming that NOW on PBS did not have a liberal anti-Republican bias. I watched the show. I liked the show. It was obvious where the show was coming from.

    After he quit NOW, Bill Moyers said that Democracy Now with Amy Goodman is an example of objective journalism. Yeah, not. Just because I agree with the show doesn’t mean I can’t recognize it has an agenda.

  3. Jim says:

    ‘Course he was being silly. There’s nothing wrong with a bias toward freedom. Just admit it and get on it, starting conversations from there.

  4. Gin says:

    Studs Terkel also thinks Bill Moyers should run for president, too. I get shivers thinking about how great it would be to have a debate between McCain and Moyers- holy christ.

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