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What does a levitating globe have to do with spying?

levitating spy globeAs I mentioned over the weekend, I’m in Washington D.C. for a few days, seeing the sights. One of the sights I’ve seen is the new International Spy Museum, the best part of which was the gift shop, which has some really neat gadgets for sale, things like pens that double as computer hard drives.

There’s one thing for sale at the International Spy Museum that I don’t understand: A little levitating globe.

Why exactly would a spy need a globe that levitates in a stand on a desk? How could this help a spy more than a globe that doesn’t levitate, but just rests on a more traditional stand?

Is the point that spies need to have groovy accessories, in order to get that certain feeling of panache? Will the International Spy Museum begin to sell fluffy white persian kitty cats, then? How about monacles? Training sessions for how to arch the eyebrows quizzically?

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