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State and Local Activists, Fighting the Good Fight

“All politics is local.” — Thomas O’Neill, Sr.

Personally, I think that statement is overrated as an axiom. The contributions of many people from across the country to the successful primary campaign of Ned Lamont is just one demonstration of the contrary — that sometimes even local politics are national. But it is undeniably true that a large number of important political struggles affecting our lives are carried out on the state and local level.

With that in mind, we at Irregular Times created a center some time ago called Irregular States, a listing of progressive news sources, blogs, campaign information and activist organizations for each of the fifty states. We let it sit for a bit, but are renewing it for the campaigns of 2006 and beyond.

As a part of our spring (ok, summer) cleaning, our attention has been drawn to a number of informative and/or activist groups, keeping the wheel of change turning. Below is a small sample of what we’ve found. To find more, take a visit Irregular States.





New York



South Carolina


Are you personally involved in a state- or locally-based activist effort? Post a comment here and let us know about it. If we like what we see, we’ll be happy to help spread the word by adding your group to our directory.

One thought on “State and Local Activists, Fighting the Good Fight”

  1. Robb Pearson says:

    Hi. My name is Robb Pearson. I am a vocal activist in my hometown of Mount Olive Township, New Jersey (located in the state’s rather beautiful Highlands Region), and I’m working hard against a local effort to recall our Mayor, Richard DeLaRoche.

    My blog site is:

    The reason this anti-Recall effort has become of critical importance is because it seeks to expose the politically fraudulent manner in which the Recall was conducted, as well as the fact that it was organized, spearheaded and supported by our Township Council, which is all Republican (except one, though he is a de facto Republican). Our Mayor is a Democrat, and he is the first Democrat to be elected to the mayorship in many years. In fact, five of the seven members of the Township Council were Recall petitioners, and they alone altogether gathered 43% of the 4,264 signatures gathered. This is significant, because there were 41 Recall petitioners.

    The issues at hand are these: the importance of keeping government accountable; the importance of not letting government abuse its authority; the importance of not letting government politically defraud the electorate.

    Mayor DeLaRoche has done nothing to harm the township or its people.

    I have always maintained that America really “happens” in local communities. And in my little hometown of 26,000 people, there is a core of us fighting against a specter of political impropriety. And all we want is honest and honorable government.

    Many thanks.


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