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Help Profile a Terrorist Today!

For those interested in profiling a terrorist on a “racial,” religious or ethnic basis as Republican congressional candidate Paul Nelson and our own Kevin suggest, I’d like to offer up a helpful picture of the sister of a suspect in the recent UK terrorist plot, born Don Stewart-Whyte. Apparently, she’s a model of some sort, making a number of pictures available. Thanks to Independent Sources for this particular image:

Heather Stewart-Whyte sister of terror suspect Don Stewart-Whyte

Note the pale skin and blue eyes. Now you know what to look for! Well, darn the constitution and all that: I guess profiling is easy after all!

2 thoughts on “Help Profile a Terrorist Today!”

  1. Iroquois Honky says:

    Is there any evidence this supposed sister of a detained suspect is a suspect herself–or is even Moslem…or Middle Eastern??? That immodest type of photo would certainly be against the Koran.

    I have met quite a few individuals with middle eastern passports and blue eyes.

    But wait, she’s not really his sister–she’s his half-sister, isn’t she?

    And the picture of the suspect himself does indeed look very Middle Eastern–why wasn’t his photo posted? I guess his photo isn’t a very good one to use if you’re trying to prove that terrorists don’t look like any particular ethnic group.

    Before when the Brits detained a lot of people, some of them were let go without charges. It’s a bit premature to determine who did what at this point based on who was detained.

  2. Jim says:

    He looks like Pete Sampras.

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