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American Scientific Literacy: Holier Than Thou

Sunday Morning Secular Link: Holier Than Thou

The Holier Than Thou blog has been going for more than a year now, detailing, as its subtitle suggests, the many ways in which the Christian Right goes wrong.

The latest sad news from the Holier Than Thou blog has to do with science education. A recent study found that, out of 32 European nations, Japan, and Turkey, the United States ranks next to the bottom in the portion of the population that accepts the established scientific concept of biological evolution through natural selection. Only Turkey has a lower rate of acceptance of evolution.

The same study also found that the percentage of Americans who accept the idea of evolution through natural selection has declined over the last 20 years. Is it any wonder, with evolution being written out of public school biology textbooks at the request of religious groups?

The price of American fundamentalism is the diminished scientific literacy of American citizens. That may make some religious groups feel more secure, but those of us in the reality-based community understand that ignorance is not bliss.

2 thoughts on “American Scientific Literacy: Holier Than Thou”

  1. Bob S-K says:

    That’s just sad. I’m not surprised about Turkey. They’re still in the business of imprisoning writers and intellectuals for writing that “insults the Turkish national identity.” And they want in to the E.U. Honestly.

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, and in math we’re about tied with Guam, last i looked.

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