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Australia Prepares for Peace Day – Will You?

It’s reassuring to think that, although Perth is exactly 12 hours separated from where I’m writing in Philadelphia, Australian progressives are working on the same issues as progressives are here in North America.

The International Day of Peace is now less than a month away – September 21. As the date gets closer, people here in North America are working to establish celebrations of peace, and they’re doing the same thing in Australia. Australians ranging from the Peace Organisation of Australia in Victoria to Green Senator Rachel Siewert and Janelle Paisley in Sydney are getting ready for the day of peace.

Good for you, Aussies – we’re thinking of you here in America.

Together, let’s keep in mindd that it’s important to be realistic. Peace Day is definitely not every day. But, at the same time, we need to preserve hope. It’s not good enough to merely note that peace is torn to tatters all over the globe. The ideal of peace remains worth working for, not just in spite of the easy temptation of war, but because of that temptation.

Good morning, Perth.

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