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Ethics, Organics, and Union-Made Shirts. Thanks, Goodstorm.

The folks at Goodstorm who make our Irregular Progress t-shirt shop possible have always had their heart in the right place, making sure that sweatshop-free shirts from American Apparel were made available for sale in a variety of styles and colors. American Apparel has an array of benefits and coverage for its workers (including ESL, transportation and a health care plan with free massages) that place it well above those nasty sweatshop factories you’ll find too often overseas. Through American Apparel, we even are able to offer a nice organic cotton shirt in a natural cream color for those of you who rank environmental sustainability as a high priority.

American Apparel is not, however unionized, and so does not incorporate collective bargaining into its work arrangements. This is unimportant to some people, but is crucially important to others. For those whose ethical commitments encourage or even mandate buying union-made shirts, we have very good news. As of today, we have expanded the offerings at our Goodstorm shirt shop to include unisex union-made shirts, in sizes S-XL and in navy blue as well as white.

A surprisingly good feature of the union-made shirt is its price. A large Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism t-shirt, union-made in a heavyweight quality, is only $14.20. Just try going to the Bon-Ton, or even to JC Penny, and getting a shirt for that price. And guess who makes their shirts, at what human cost?

As long as Goodstorm keeps expanding its options in ethical apparel, we’ll keep expanding the selection of shirt designs we offer through them. Just today, we’ve added four more designs:

Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism Union-Made Shirt
Blind Faith in Bad Leaders is Not Patriotism Union-Made Shirt
Had Enough? Vote Democratic! Union-Made Tee Shirt
Pluto, Dwarf Planet.  Bush, Dwarf President Union-Made T-Shirt

One thought on “Ethics, Organics, and Union-Made Shirts. Thanks, Goodstorm.”

  1. Yzetta Smith says:

    Now, if only there was a union-made Russ Feingold t-shirt with his picture on it, I would buy 5 of those just for myself. A good slogan would be, IMO, “I love this guy! Ask me why.”

    Yeah, I am campaigning for him already. Sue me. 🙂

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