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Anthrax Attacks Go Down, Down, Down the Memory Hole

Do you remember the anthrax attacks of 2001? The white powder scares? The shutdowns of post offices? The contamination of Democratic congressional leaders’ and journalists’ offices? Do you remember how George W. Bush extrapolated from these attacks to try and mandate vaccinations for smallpox? Remember all that fuss? Remember how Maureen Dowd got so freaked out that she typed her columns wearing gloves?

The feds haven’t arrested anybody in the case, have they? Well, why hasn’t there been any talk of this terrorist attack for some years now? I mean, there’s a terrorist on the loose who has attacked our leaders… and could do so again!

Does this silence have anything to do with the fact that the authorities think it was a domestic attack carried out by an American scientist who probably isn’t a Muslim? Or did the anthrax scare just not generate high enough fear ratings for Homeland Security?

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