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Name that Mystery Animal, Part Two

Earlier this morning, I presented you with a photograph of a mystery animal from Turner, Maine. The cryptid, which Turner residents were at a loss to identify, had legs like a dog, a body the size of a dog, perky ears like a dog, and a tail like a dog. Strangely, though, it was rather ugly, not at all like a dog. People never use the word dog, see, to refer to someone who is ugly. Oh, the mystery!

not an aswang manananggalWell, last night, the website for Coast to Coast AM, the show that replays scratchy old audiotape in order to find spooky ghost bumping noises, posted this photograph, and asked audience members to identify what it could possibly be. What do you think?

Coast to Coast AM says that this could be a photograph of an aswang, a legendary creature known of in Filipino folklore that is able to transform from a person into a giant bat. Or, it could be a manananggal, another creature known to Filipino mythology, which is a person able to take on the form of a bat.

This photograph appears to show a bat, which would be exactly what you would see if you saw an aswang or manananggal. So, this could very well be an aswang, disguised perfectly as a bat…

or it could be an Al Quaida spy plane, perfectly disguised as a bat…

or it could be an alien spacecraft, disguised to look exactly like a bat…

or it could be a bat, which looks, coincidentally, like a bat.

Oh, what a mystery!

35 thoughts on “Name that Mystery Animal, Part Two”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this photo is a load of shit

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Does shit have wings? No kidding!

  3. Nick says:

    By my picture, this looks like a Skyfish. In case you didnt know, thats the name of a cryptid. Anyway, I think it could possibly be a Bat. Maybe even a Pyteradactol. You know, that dinosaur bire. Its big. Well anyway, you know my thoughts and so ill let you get ack to your research. So, bye.

  4. Jim says:

    Tosh, tosh, Nick. I say it is the Great Northeastern Photoshop: Graphicus Fakearensis.

  5. jen says:

    creepy,.. Is it possible that manananggal can fly and show itself during Daylight???

    1. marielle says:

      we don’t know.. but,maybe

  6. Frunk says:

    Uh, that’s one possibility. Or, maybe it’s just a bat!

  7. Sadao says:

    My Friend Said He Saw One Of This Creature flying and carrying a girl with her. …Man! I Was Shock To Hear that this thing is real…

    1. marielle says:

      Are you sure? aswang doesn’t exist

  8. carLo says:

    the shot was taken 2am @ zambuanga by a sony night vision phereperals….

  9. james says:

    This thing is called “Manananggal”. I’m from Philippines and this creatures are real… I have seen one when I was a young boy in our province, my great grandfather have a friend when he was young, mother grandmother had a contact as well…

    1. marielle says:

      are you sure?

  10. Ravemaster says:

    that thing, my friends, is a kite! a kite shaped like a Manananggal. Filipinos are so ingenious in making kites of different shapes and sizes. And that one is an ingenious creation. that uncovers that mystery. Note that aswangs disintegrate in daylight!

  11. parakratos says:

    Ok lets say that is not a aswang or whatever they call it, and lets say is a bat. I think that bats even if they are large they have their legs behind as a result of the body goes front but as i zoomed in i saw that something is hanging like an arm i could say that is hard to be a leg cause is much more front from where normally are the legs which is down and something else the wings are black the body is soo white and the head clearly big at a size of a human head.I am not saying that is a human flying but i can say that is not a normal bat thats huge bat or its not a bat?

  12. Anonymous says:

    i’m scared

  13. tonton says:

    well ahm i think its an aswang coz looking that creature at once, u can distinguished it as an mythical creature…. its true that manananggal can fly at day time,

  14. tonton says:

    ahm,,, anyway i consider that a manananggal is real.. yeah ive been experience that to saw a mananangal at the midnight,last year november 1, 2007,, when i take a star gazing, i hear a spooky, scary voice at the sky,,, then suddenly i saw a giant bird hangging on the kaimito tree,,,, reddish eye, w/ spooky face,
    . watch on me,,, i think he want to eat me directly…………………. scarrrrryyyyyyyyyyy. tlaga..,,, thats why ive never to getting out at the night, for that bad experience…………

  15. tonton says:

    not so baddddddddddd………….but its only an experienceeee……….

  16. sco says:

    To Tonton: A gifted friend of mine who is psychic mentioned to me that Kaimito or Star Apple trees are sources of Aswang/Manananggal and need to be cut down (with roots removed) between 10 am to 3 pm. He has been advocating this to all his clients to have these trees removed. Check out people with these trees in their backyard and tendency is you find sickly people and special children who are these Aswang’s victims. By the way, my friend is also based in Zamboanga.

    1. marielle says:

      we have one in our house and it is near a haunted house……….but it did not happened as you say!!

  17. ronel says:

    yes!! thats true I saw just like that when I was in grade 5 in the top of our house’ roof… it has a very large wings the same as bats but thats too big,it was almost 6-7 meters wide…my grand father went to our house to look for it, and suddenly, a chicken appeared and the big bat/aswang was gone away..maybe the aswang was converted into a chicken…hehehe

  18. REBUCAN says:

    im scared in that kind of creature.i know its real aswang because ive already expreince saw that of un explenable creature at capiz.

  19. purplecherry says:

    Well i do believe in aswangs…for those who are not familiar in mananaggal yet, let me tell you this…mananagals are we can say that they are human beings who decided to make themselves monsters or something related to fallen angels. they can fly and they have a pair of bat-like wings, they have long finger nails and they eat human flesh. what’s so creepy about them is that they can slice their bodies into two, they leave their waist somewhere where no one can find them, the upper part of their bodies will fly and hunt a human being for food…to see is to believe they say, and so i believe and respect others touche if they don’t believe it…

  20. purplecherry says:

    lol i mean manananggal not mananagal what’s that? xD

  21. sco says:

    Back to the Kaimito/Star Apple tree. Notice that houses beside these trees are hardly ever fixed or spruced up. Their occupants are sickly. If they are a family, the sickness just goes around. Remove the tree and people in the house get better. If you cannot remove the tree, paint your roof or walls light blue to ward off these creatures.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      The house where I’m living has “haint blue” paint underneath the white paint on the cieling of the porch roof. If it’s painted over, does it still help ward off evil spirits?

      1. sco says:

        To J clifford. You have to have blue paint above. Notice also where kaimitos thrive, you hear the tiktik sound at night. Once you light up the side of the house with a blue lighted bulb, you don’t get to hear it anymore. Usually the occupants of houses located near these nocturnal creatures abodes get sick. Mind you not only pregnant women, babies, children are victims. Even ordinary men and women get sickly usually with fevers and several trips to the doctor will not explain why the person(s) get sick. Chop it down as per required time and you will see your health improve.

      2. sco says:

        If you cannot paint your walls blue, put a blue light beside you when you sleep. If there is an attempt for the aswang to get near you, you will have a busted bulb within the same night.

  22. rain says:

    fuck you manangal yan wala keweta

  23. pham27 says:

    wala lang saranggola yata yan eh..
    Gusto nya lumipad ng umaga eh paki nyo ba,sa may pakpak xa alangan naman na lumangoy xa sa ere hikhikhik

  24. jhen says:

    some say that manananggal is real, but i didnt hear or even saw on a tv news that manananggal had a victim…

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Saranggola yan, Marami na kong nakitang sarangolang ganyan.sumasali kasi ako sa bear brand kitefest noong araw. Sa pakpak palang halata na.

  27. marielle says:

    manananggals aren’t true. they are just what our parents our parents told us so that we will not roamed around especially at night

  28. dan says:

    Mananangal are real! They are gonna strip you off your clothes and then they will eat you sex organs. Most of them lurks at night when it’s dark. You can sometimes hear them moan at night like ooooh… ahhhh.. I can sometimes even hear the victims hurting “it hurts.. please, don’t, stop”. I come to realize it, she was actually saying “please don’t stop”. They have a mis-conception that mananangal are females, well they are not that I can tell you because I heard a victim once say “SIR WAG PO” so that gave me an idea that they are MALE. At one time, inside our own home, I heard someone making this weird noises, I was really scared and having goosebumps, it was really creepy. The noise was coming from uptairs where our MAID quater is. I quickly grab a flashlight and a chair but it was too heavy for me so I grab the 42″ LCD FULL HD 1080P TV instead which was my brother’s. The TV was heavy but the adrenaline kicks in. I was finally at the front of the door where the noise is coming from when I heared someone said “oh my god it’s a finger.. not the finger.. oh it’s the finger!”. I even heared the mananagal scaring our poor trusty maid saying I’m coming.. I’m coming.. I can’t imagine the terror. When I open the door.. Oh Shiiiiiiit! Our maid was naked and the mananangal is eating her from below. I was really scared and from the looks of it, she was really in agony. She kept on saying “Agoy, agoy” but I don’t know what that means though. I quickly ran back to my room and was shaking. I wasnt able to sleep that night. In the morning, it was weird though, our maid was just fine except for the red mark I saw on her thighs and she was denying the occurances. Hmmm.. that is a mystery until i saw this blog.

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