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Animal or human? The face in the fender.

A third mystery photograph comes to us today, as with the second photograph, from the website of Coast to Coast AM. This context of this photograph is described as follows by the contributor:

“After ghost hunting on Friday night (9/1/06) in Lihue Kauai, we stopped at the scene of a car wreck. We took 3 pictures of the wreck, this being the 2nd one taken. The other 2 pics. have orbs in them, and this one seems to have a face in the front fender of this pick-up. We dont know the outcome of the crash, all we know is that it had just occurred.”

Well, here’s the photograph. As you can see, the contributor gave some help by putting a red circle around where the face is. Can you see it?

car wreck fender face hawaii

Bonus points if you can spot the face of the cat in the grass right next to the red circle.

Cat ghost? Ghost of a car’s cracked fender? Did the car swerve off the road after hitting and killing a cat, and now the ghost of the cat and the ghost of the fender are locked in eternal recreation of the ghastly event? Could there possibly be another explanation?

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