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Ask Unity08 Founders When They’ll Keep Disclosure Promises

With great to-do this summer, the mixed-ticket advocacy group Unity08 committed to disclosing donations above $200 every two weeks. The idea was to promote “the spirit of greater financial transparency, which is sorely lacking in politics today.”

There has not been such a disclosure since July 15. As the morning dawns, we see yet another day in which fails to keep its promise to disclose donations.

I write this as someone who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, as someone who would like to see a third way grow. But we all know that a great many “third way” efforts turn out to be slick shenanigans. I want to know that is not a slick shenangian. I need to see the organization’s promises kept, not only because they are promises but because the truth about the motivators behind is essential to understanding what is.

“When will the commitment to disclosures every two weeks be fulfilled?” This doesn’t have to be a rhetorical question. I’ve given up waiting and have posted a direct question to the Unity08 “Founders” on their website, asking that very question. If you’re inclined to be a dear and post a followup comment seconding the question, I’d be much obliged.

Now I’m waiting for two things: resumption of financial disclosure, and an answer to my question. I’ll keep you posted on both.

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