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Why the disabled razors in checked bags?

Yet another example of the work of the Department of Homeland Insanity: Crippled razors in checked luggage

When I put a disposable razor in my carry-on luggage, there’s no problem. The bag goes through the security screening machine, and, because the razors are about as harmless as dental floss, nobody takes them out. I go onto the airplane, and when I get off and go to my hotel, I can get a clean shave.

Not so if I check my bags, and I have started to check my bags, because I want to be able to brush my teeth in the morning. The Department of Homeland Insanity regards my travel-sized tube of toothpaste as a terrorist threat, and so I can only bring toothpaste with me on my business trips if I check my bags. If I check my luggage instead of carrying it on the plane, then agents from the Department of Homeland Insanity open up my bags, search through everything, and slice through handle of my razors just underneath the razor head, so as to render them harmless — from the cargo hold.

I wake up the next morning to find that, in the best case scenario, I have to try to shave with a ravor that has a floppy handle – a difficult and often bloody affair, given that razors work by being pulled through stiff stubble. More often than not, the disposable razor has been broken in two, as baggage handlers toss my bag about, fracturing the cut already made by the Homeland Insanity agents.

So, here’s my choice: Wake up for my first morning of a business trip either with bad breath or with a face full of stubble.

Thanks, Homeland Insanity, for keeping America safe from toothpaste and safety razors, and making me either smell or look like a hobo in the process!

6 thoughts on “Why the disabled razors in checked bags?”

  1. Michael Hampton says:

    There’s always the electric shaver.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Yeah, there is, but I’ve found that my electric shaver really doesn’t give me a close shave. In particular, it tends to leave hairs growing on my neck. It’s just not reliable.

    Besides, what the hell business is it of the government to force me to twist my hygeine around when I’m using safety razors, for dog’s sake? A ball point pen is as dangerous a weapon as those things, and I’m allowed to take them on the plane, anyway. Why are they then disabled when they go to the cargo hold?

    This Homeland Security garbage is not rational. It’s a ritualistic cult of fear.

  3. John Stracke says:

    The Paranoid Cynic Says: maybe Gillette, er, funded a study proving razors were dangerous.

  4. Michael Hampton says:

    The TSA announced new regulations today allowing small toiletries to be brought on board. So no more bad breath, just a constant reminder of how stupid we’ve all become.

    For the record, none of this is the government’s business.

  5. Savvy Hobo says:

    Yep, the government needs to straighten up and take care of business and leave us good citizens alone. – Savvy Hobo

  6. Urban Thought says:

    What’s next? Velcro suits so we can easily be strip searched?

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