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Financial Disclosure? Unity08 Silence Speaks Volumes

With huge media fanfare engineered by a public-relations firm, Unity08 splashed onto the scene in the spring of 2006 with the idea of running a Democrat and a Republican on a ticket in 2008 — one for President and one for Vice President (they won’t say which party gets the top ticket, nudge nudge). After a wave of skepticism hit them, Unity08 committed to disclosing donations above $200 every two weeks. The idea was to promote “the spirit of greater financial transparency, which is sorely lacking in politics today.”

It’s the beginning of October, and there has not been such a disclosure since the first disclosure of July 15. Unity08 has ditched this commitment so casually — what other commitments is Unity08 prepared to ditch?

On September 22, I posted a direct question to the Unity08 “Founders” on their website, asking them when or whether they planned on keeping their commitment to financial transparency.

I haven’t received an answer in the 11 days since.

Lest you think their silence is due to complete absence on the boards, you can visit this thread on the same board. It was created just yesterday, and has four responses already. It’s about whether should add polling functionality. Polling functionality? Hot topic! Financial disclosure? Completely ignored.

As every day passes, I grow less confident in Unity08’s real status as a “grassroots” organization, and less confident in Unity08’s commitment to financial transparency. It looks more and more as though Unity08 is a just another purposely opaque political operation. What a shame.

One thought on “Financial Disclosure? Unity08 Silence Speaks Volumes”

  1. Alan says:

    Oh, lookee, it has little ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ icons where you can vote on the thread, including Jim’s question about financial disclosure. I do so love to play with those.

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