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Unity08 is Two Weeks, Three Months Past Due

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A quick update:

It’s now been three months since Unity08 (the public-relations “grassroots” politiganza engineered by beltway insiders) last updated their financial disclosures. Way back in the summer, they promised to provide financial disclosures every two weeks, in the “spirit of greater financial transparency, which is sorely lacking in politics today.”

It’s now been two weeks since I posted a message on Unity08’s “Ask the Founders” board, asking them when or whether they planned on keeping their commitment to financial transparency. I haven’t gotten a single response. In the same time, other messages posted on the board have gotten responses, so we know it’s not just a general laxity of organization.

Unity08 is looking more and more like a disappointing sham. They’ve still got a chance to prove me wrong by quickly addressing their lapses… but this is getting ridiculous. Ridiculous means “meriting ridicule,” by the way.

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