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Basket Case

My wife just called me a “basket case,” which in the figurative sense I am a fair amount of the time.

But then I stopped and thought: “basket case?” “Basket case?”

Have you ever seen a case in which one puts baskets?

What would that be: a basket basket? A basket squared? A meta-basket?

This is more fun to think about than torture.

2 thoughts on “Basket Case”

  1. Alpha Protein Ratty says:

    I believe that the derivation may be that if a patient is really nuts, he may be the kind of CASE in which one puts the patient in a BASKET to haul off to an asylum.

  2. Iroquois Honky says:

    Does anyone still remember the Whole Earth Catalog from the 70s? It was a huge brown thing on nice quality heavy paper with a NASA photo of the earth from space on the cover. It was really a catalog of alternative products–our local coops were listed in it–but had a lot of other stuff in it too. Like a continuing story that had a paragraph on each page. You would have to turn to page 114 to read the next paragraph, then page 127, etc.

    One of the characters in this continuing story had decided to cut off all his arms and legs with a chain saw as theater while high on drugs. He managed to cut off two legs and an arm, but found his last arm was holding the chain saw and was unable to cut it off and hold the chain saw at the same time. Somehow he survived this street theater performance–I don’t remember how much description went into this small plot detail–and spent the rest of his life living in a basket with just the one arm. His friends would literally pick up the basket and carry him from place to place. There were a lot of drugs in this story, but I don’t remember if his friends gave this guy more drugs or not. This guy was a basket case.

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