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Jonesing or the Munchies? Take your Pick.

Over in the diaries this weekend, there’s been a burgeoning debate on the issue of psychoactive drugs.

Alan says:

As a former caseworker I have indeed seen the carnage left in other people’s lives, particularly children, by drug use and can tell you first hand that many, many, many users do not “respect the rights of others.” Users frequently claim they have lost their food stamp cards and come in to claim a new one. In reality, they have sold their old card for drugs, and the drug man is waiting outside the building for them to come out with a new card. You can bet those government benefits will not go into the mouths of their children.

Chad responds:

…those who are claiming that they’ve lost their food stamps are running to the drug man to score some meth or crack or the like, not pot. Someone who smokes pot sure as hell isn’t going to give up food stamps. How would they get the Cheetos and Reese’s they need when they get the munchies?

Which is a more powerful force in United States welfare policy: jonesing or the munchies? You tell me.

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