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Colorado Progressive Directory Updated

Election Day brings the kind of stillness that is experienced in the eye of a hurricane. Everyone goes out to vote, and wonders how their neighbors will vote, but will not know for hours to come, after the polls close.

Election Day is dramatic, to be sure, but the everyday struggles to maintain some freedom in America go on day after day, mostly unseen, without as much recognition. In order to bring some deserved attention to progressive activists around the country, we have been working on a directory of progressive organizations and sources of information in all 50 states over the last three years.

Just this morning, I have completed an update of our directory of progressive Colorado. Progressive blogs such as Square State and Tancredo Watch have been added, along with links to progressive organizations in Colorado such as the Center for Justice, Peace and the Environment in Fort Collins, the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center, and the Boulder Institute for Sustainability.

As Mother Davis pointed out last night, much of the real work of maintaining our democracy is done between elections, and we risk losing our freedom if we focus our efforts only on dramatic elections to public office. That’s why, even after the thril of the 2006 elections is over, we’ll keep on plugging away, working on projects like our nationwide progressive directory, to lend our support to the dedicated activists working to further progressive causes across America.

If you know of a progressive organization we ought to give a link to in this directory, in Colorado, or somewhere else, leave a comment here to let us know.

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