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Bill Moyers Movement Rumbles Onward

While everybody is disappointed about Russ Feingold’s decision not to run for President in 2008, vaguely curious about the idea of Tom Vilsack, and downright breathless at the possibility of Barack Obama’s candidacy, the Draft Bill Moyers Movement rumbles on, at a barely visible but persistent pace. As Gin notes, Studs Terkel suggested the idea as long as two years ago in a speech, although at the time Moyers retorted: “I would only do it if he [Terkel] would be my vice president. I would take the oath of office and resign the next day, and then watch the fun.”

More recently, John Nichols continued to stir the pot with his own note:

Despite the fact that the journalist and author who has become in many senses the moral voice of the nation did not leap at the opportunity to wade into the swirling political waters of this turbulent moment, the columns sparked an enthusiastic response — hundreds of emails, several websites and a busy Draft Bill Moyers for President weblog….

John writes on the edge of skepticism and boosterism:

There may be a fly in the ointment, though: why would he want to do it? Given the kind of character attacks that would be inevitable, where would be the fun? It seems more like a great movie idea, a populist good-guy, like Dave. However, if there’s any time for it to happen, it feels like now is as good as ever. He has the look of the wise, experienced elder who still has plento of gusto as well.

I’ll be on the lookout for a petition.

I don’t see a petition yet, John. Maybe you could start one up. In the meantime, Joey does provide some history:

In late 2005 ‘The Bill Moyers Group’ was founded by Scott Beckman, development director at the Northern Pueblos Housing Authority in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The group was formed to attempt to draft Moyers for a 2008 run at the democratic presidential nomination, not as a legitimate contender, but as a gadfly who would spark debate among the other candidates. Beckman circulated an article entitled “You Are Not Alone” on the internet laying out his reasoning and started a website….

I’m all for a Moyers presidency. Democrats and independents should start working immediately to get Moyers into the ring of Democratic contenders. I’ve already got my “Bill Moyers President 2008” bumper sticker on my car and pin on my jacket, that’s how serious I am.

And what’s more…

oh, dear. There’s nothing more. Is the Moyers for President dropping down, down, down the memory hole?

That’s all right, because whether he is running for President or not, Bill Moyers clearly intends to continue writing and speaking about the joys and dangers of living in America. His words already provide leadership, if we’ll listen to them.

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