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Unity08 Continues to be Tardy in Financial Reporting

Unity08 is an organization that was founded by an elite public relations firm and that specializes in hectoring the public about how we’re all not living up to its standards of behavior by being too “ideological” (which means, like, you know, containing “ideas” and stuff). It tells us that it knows the best way, a new way, to pick a president. A way that conveniently places Unity08 at the very center of national power.

You’d think that such a nattering organization with delusions of superiority would have its own house in order. ‘Course, you’d be wrong. It took months for Unity08 to update its “twice-monthly” financial disclosures of donors to the group at its website, and now it promises to update its information on a monthly basis.

But, funny thing, it’s now been more than a month since the last financial disclosure statement.

I am not at all surprised. But I am dismayed that an organization that either can’t get its logistical house in order, or is hiding something, is getting up on the stage with the chutzpah not only to lecture us all about how it is so much better than all of us “ideological” (idea-driven) citizens, but that it can organize nationwide voting within a year and a half to choose presidential candidates without problems.

Tell you what, Unity08. Why don’t you try running your own P.R. operation smoothly and consistently before you run around telling the rest of us how to live.

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