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Give Thanks That You Don’t Have To Go to The Mall

With the arrival of Thanksgiving also comes the arrival of the Christmas shopping season. For many people, that means heading out to the malls and their throngs of headache-provoking people, all in lines and in bustling groups, sucking the oxygen out of the air.

There’s really no need to bother with all that. Here are a few presents suitable for your conservative friends and acquaintances who, surely, have seen the light by now:

Ex-Republican bumper sticker
Ex-Republican organic cotton t-shirt
Ex-Republican raglan long-sleeved shirt
Ex-Republican baby doll style t-shirt
Ex-Republican fitted cotton t-shirt

And for your hipper-than-thou liberal friends:

I Thought Freedom Fries were Stupid Before it was Cool to Think Freedom Fries Were Stupid Bumper Sticker

Merry ShoppingCrass.

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