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The Curious Case of Jerry Carroll for President

Who is Jerry Carroll, and why has he spent the last 27 years of his life running for President of the United States?

In 1979, Jerry Carroll established campaign committee C00214999, the Jerry Carroll Committee for President. He has been running for President ever since.

jerry carroll for president 2008 1996Online records of the Jerry Carroll for President committee go back only so far, but the Federal Elections Commission does share the scrawled declaration of candidacy for President for the 1996 election that you see here.

This much I know already: Jerry Carroll is a political independent who lives in Stockton, California, and has had the same post office box there for at least 11 years.. His original campaign treasurer was Vivian Carroll, but the only Vivian Carroll I can find living in California now is a technical writer living far to the south in Brea. It’s likely that this is not the same Vivian. There is no Vivian Carroll currently living in Stockton.

If you just search for Jerry Carroll, you won’t find much. If you search for Jerry Leon Carroll, as the candidate describes himself in this note, you get a bit more information. Apparently, in addition to running for President, Jerry Carroll ran for United States Senate this year, against Democratic incumbent Diane Feinstein. He lost, after accumulating a campaign debt of 2,900 dollars.

Carroll’s 1988 write-in campaign for President earned him 13 votes from California, according to Join California.

For now, that’s about all that I’m able to find out… except that I have got the telephone number for a Jerry Carroll living in Stockton, California. I think I’ll give him a call today.

5 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Jerry Carroll for President”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He rides the bus all the time – you should hear what we hear. Try going to, not much info, but there is some.

  2. Dixie Witt says:

    Tried to file paperwork for Jerry to run on ballot in my state for PResident, message I got back says he must have 11 more letters before 9/15/08, hopefully he’ll see this comment.

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  5. just me says:

    What to say about jerry ? I’ve talked to him befor and seems very nice but for him to run for u.s senate we don’t no really anything about him his past what his plans will be if elected .all I know is when I vote I like to know who I’m voting for and for what reasons maybe that don’t make sence but we can read about all the canadiates and where they come from and what their plans to do when elected but nothing from jerry carroll .why? I know never judge a book by its cover but I guess that’s what I’m going to have to go by .only his cover. Sorry jerry

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