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Unity 08 Lives Within Peak Creative Media

It’s not just that, and are all registered to Peak Creative Media, a public relations firm run by Jim Jonas, the man who used to consult for Roger Ailes. A bio of Jonas also notes:

He has produced effective media for numerous candidates for U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, Governor and for two U.S. Presidential candidates as well as for corporate clients including Qwest Communications, Dex Media, First Data and many others. He served as Executive Producer for former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander’s early presidential organizing efforts from 1993 – 1995 and wrote more than half of the radio commercials broadcast by the Bush-Quayle ’92 campaign.

No, it turns out that Unity08 literally lives within Peak Creative Media. In its initial May 25, 2006 declaration as a 527 organization to the IRS, Unity 08 lists 1801 California Street Suite 5050, Denver CO 80202 as its business address. This is also the “Principal Office Address” listed in the organization’s North Carolina filings.

Guess what? Peak Creative Media (which has a really glitzy but thoroughly difficult to navigate website, ixnay on the iringthemhay) lists its official business address as 1801 California Street Suite 5050, Denver CO 80202.

That’s not just a coincidence. Unity08 officially reports that it is run out of the office of Peak Creative Media — Jim Jonas’ operation.

And guess what — in that filing, Jim Jonas is listed as Unity08’s President and CEO.

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