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Bill of Rights Defense Committee Tracks Liberty’s Decay

mother davisMother Davis scribbles a note down on a piece of paper, folds it half, and then gives it to you, explaining,

A young woman I know met me on the street yesterday and grabbed me by the elbow, eager to talk to me about her latest class at the university. “I talked to my professor about that Military Commissions Act you told me about,” she said, “but he didn’t even know what I was talking about! Can you tell me where to find more information?”

At the time, I didn’t, but I resolved to sit down for a little while today and see what I could do. What I found is not an end resource in itself, but does serve as a great collection of information about the many threats to American liberty that have taken shape over the last few years.

It’s called the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Centered in Northampton, Massachussetts, the Committee is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

If you question that liberty is indeed in peril, look at the information this group has compiled. You’ll find your questions answered.

Bowing toward the east,
Mother Davis

One thought on “Bill of Rights Defense Committee Tracks Liberty’s Decay”

  1. Comrade O'Brien says:

    Attention Comrade,
    Please visit to learn more about our creative protest of the Military Commissions Act. We are sending a copy of 1984 to every Congressperson who voted for it. Apologies if we already posted this here.

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