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Unity08 Moves Into A Watergate Closet

How appropriate:

IRS financial disclosure forms reveal that since July of 2006, Unity08 has set itself up with an office in the Watergate office complex of Washington, DC. The organization is paying $3,373.00 per month in rent, which comes out to $40,476, or more than half of the $77,000 the group has reported in donations in the same IRS reports through September. Unless the group is cashing in favors, at $42 per square foot Unity08 should be occupying a very small space indeed: just 40 square feet, an 8 foot by 5 foot walk-in closet. Is America’s next big “grassroots movement,” endorsed by celebrity Sam Waterston!, being run out of a closet?

(sources on Watergate rent: NPR Morning Edition, November 1 2006 and the Washington Post, October 24 2006).

1801 California Street Denver ColoradoAt the same time, Unity08 continues to report that its business address is identical to the business address of Peak Media Communications: 1801 California Street Suite 5050, Denver CO, 80202.

Unity08 does not report paying any rent for the space in 1801 California Street, Suite 5050. This appears to be either an unreported expense, or a conveniently helpful gift from Peak Media Communications (and its executive Jim Jonas, who also happens to be the executive of Unity08). Or are Peak Media Communications and Unity08 simply synonymous?

4 comments to Unity08 Moves Into A Watergate Closet

  • Iroquois Honky

    According to Margaret Truman’s “Murder at the Watergate: A Capital Crimes Novel” (1998)the Watergate has a range of available prices. “A 950-square-foot one-bedroom without a view was going for $135,000. A luxurious two-bedroom on the river was priced at $695,000.” Perhaps the office space as well has a range of prices and Unity08 is saving some money by renting a closet without a view of the Potomac. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Lee Mortimer

    I guess I might be called a “left-wing activist” for being involved in union organizing and war protesting for many years. But I don’t understand your fixation on Unity08 as some kind of lobbyist conspiracy to perpetuate the political status quo. Sure, Unity08 may not be run by “grassroots” activists, but that doesn’t mean it can’t accomplish something worthwhile. And the most worthwhile thing now is to break up the two-party duopoly of power that stifles meaningful political activism. If Unity08 can break through by electing a “bipartisan” presidential ticket, or even make a significant showing in 2008, it will open the gates to all kinds of new possibilities. The process has to start somewhere, and Unity08 is as good a starting point as anything else I’ve seen.

  • Jim

    Why? Why is Unity08 as good a starting point as anything else you’ve seen?

  • Why would Lee Mortimer defend Unity08, when that organization that has been in talks to promote Republican Michael Bloomberg to run for President, when Michael Bloomberg wrongfully imprisoned hundreds of peaceful anti-Republican protesters, and sent out spies across America and around the world to collect information on the legal activities of anti-Republican activists?

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