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Americans Choose a Democratic Ticket. Which 2008 Running Mates Are Most Popular?

For two months now, we’ve been running a shop containing bumper stickers, buttons and magnets that support various Democratic running mate combinations for the presidential race in 2008. Obama-Clinton 2008? Sure. Gore-Feingold 2008? OK. Bayh-Biden 2008? I don’t understand the attraction, but we’ve got that too. In fact, our goal is to offer just about every possible combination of presidential and vice presidential candidate from among the apparent contenders. That way, YOU can tell US what a reasonable 2008 ticket would look like.

We’ve sold almost 400 of these items, and I’d like to share the results so far with you. The following are the running mate combinations that garnered at least a 1% share of all sales, making them the major contenders in the hearts of our customers for a 2008 Democratic presidential ticket:

Gore-Obama: 38.1%
Biden-Obama: 13.4%
Edwards-Obama: 10.6%
Clinton-Obama: 10.3%
Obama-Clinton: 7.5%
Obama-Richardson: 4.3%
Obama-Edwards: 3.7%
Clinton-Pelosi: 2.9%
Clark-Obama: 2.5%

Notice who is in each one (but one) of these tickets? Barack Obama. The other seller, Clinton-Pelosi, represents the aspirations of two very powerful political women. Such a ticket would have been inconceivable a dozen years ago.

The following tickets each garnered less than a 1% share of all running-mates sales, but at least a few people (or one person) thought the ticket would be a good one:


That seems like a lot of possible tickets, but keep in mind that there are nearly 200 possible running-mate combinations. Only 21 of those combinations got at least one buyer, only 9 combinations got more than a 1% share of sales, and one combination — Gore-Obama 2008 — accounts for a third of all sales. Our customers’ preferences are far from random.

I’ll check back in a month or so with an update…

… but in the meantime, let’s take this beyond a question of sales. Let me ask you: what is your Democratic dream ticket for 2008? What do you think the ticket will actually be? Why?

4 thoughts on “Americans Choose a Democratic Ticket. Which 2008 Running Mates Are Most Popular?”

  1. Doug Kelley says:

    Either Gore-Obama or Gore-Richardson would be a strong, electable ticket.
    Run Al, RUN!

  2. Phil says:

    Al bore the Inet & global warming creator president???? MUWHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA 🙂


  3. will fl says:

    I believe Obama’s skills would be best used in the Vice President’s seat to handle the senate. The wave of change in foriegn policy can only be done by BILL and this means leaving Hill-dog at home to manage the public policy as a President. These positions make for a clear winning team. The Bush legacy has been tainted. The son never employed his father’s skills for the country’s common good.

  4. 24hrlib says:

    Gore/Feingold all the way!!! Hey, I can dream can’t I??

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