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Russian-Style Poisoning Could Throw America Government Back to GOP

I am not going to say that Senator Tim Johnson was poisoned. A conspiracy theorist could easily come to that conclusion, however.

Think of the strange way that this story has been reported. First we hear that Tim Johnson had a stroke. Then, physicians insist that it was not a stroke, but was a stroke-like condition that they refuse to name. Then, an anonymous “source” is identified proclaiming that Senator Johnson had some kind of underlying condition that no one knew about that explains the incident. Then, we see that Senator Johnson, even though he had a mild incident that was treated almost right away, and left him coherent, walking, but just not feeling well the last time he was seen in public, has been put into surgery that has left him in critical condition.

Senator Johnson, though a Democrat, is from a state where right politics dominate, and where there is a Republican governor who will have the power to appoint a new Senator should Senator Johnson be incapacitated or die. With a Republican to replace Senator Johnson, the Senate would return to GOP control, and the Democrats in the House would be blocked from taking action not approved of by the Senate Republicans.

I am not saying that Senator Johnson was poisoned. I have no evidence for coming to that conclusion. I will point out that the stakes are high and the circumstances around Senator Johnson’s sudden and grave illness are mysterious.

If someone wanted to stop the Democrats from gaining control over the United States Senate through nefarious means, now is the time that they would strike, and Tim Johnson is exactly the kind of Senator they would chose to target.

Our government is in a fragile state, and if someone wanted to keep it from the hands of the Democratic Party, a poisoning of the type that killed Alexandar Litvinenko could do the job. That’s probably not what has happened with Senator Johnson. Grave illness and death does come at inconvenient times without the help of secret agents carrying vials of poison.

A thorough explanation and documentation of Senator Johnson’s medical condition is called for, however, especially if it results in a Republican politician appointed into the seat to which Tim Johnson was elected.

3 thoughts on “Russian-Style Poisoning Could Throw America Government Back to GOP”

  1. Fruktata says:

    Oh, now they’re saying that it’s all due to a congenital defect. Something that he was born with, and would only come out later in life.

    Hm. How innnnnteresting that this supposed congental defect didn’t come until precisely right at this historical moment.

  2. anonymous says:
    I heard the story on NPR this morning, their medical expert says the condition is caused by a tangling of veins and arteries. The problem with this is that veins are meant to carry a lower pressure–they’re not meant to do the job of arteries, so when they get tangled up with arteries they can get aneurisms–ballooning portions, or can rupture and bleed out. Sen. Johnson lost the ability to speak, but regained it again before being hospitalized. In this type of case where the condition is caught before major damage happens, surgery can be successful. They repair the damage by eliminating blood vessels not needed and rerouting other vessels. Sometimes it takes more than one surgery.

    If you have ever lived in South Dakota and traveled to Washington, (or anyplace else for that matter)it would not seem at all strange for someone to be stricken with some affliction as soon as their body realizes they are Outa State. On my first trip from SD to DC, I suffered a broken toe, however being a Democrat in a conservative state like this does strengthen the immune system and give some degree of protection against further shocks to the system and virtually guarantees recovery.

    As far as a conspiracy, look at the senator’s tie in the stock photo. Is a state where they wear ties like that capable of conspiracy? No. If there are any conspirators, they are from Outa State.

  3. Mike says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore…After all, Bush looked into Putin’s soul and found a kindred spirit, didn’t he? That, alone, speaks volumes.
    “I tip my hat to the new Constitution,
    Take a bow for the new Revolution,
    Smile and grin at the change all around,
    Pick up my guitar and play,
    Just like yesterday,
    And I get on my knees and pay
    We don’t get fooled again”—P.Townsend

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