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Is Unity08 Scheming Behind the Scenes with Bloomberg?

For those of you who wonder why I am so focused on Unity08 lately, I have two names for you: Philadelphia Inquirer and Providence Journal. These are two newspapers which have in the past week reported that Unity08 is in talks with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for President under the Unity08 banner. Bloomberg’s slick and very wealthy political operation could merge with Unity08’s, making all those concerns about financial contributions by the little people very, very moot indeed.

That’s right: there are two recent reports that Unity08 — which calls itself a “grassroots movement” to kick out the nasty elitist insider partisans and promises to Let The People Decide! in their own special direct secure online presidential and vice presidential nomination — is exploiting its elite board members’ rolodexes to manufacture an inside job on a nomination for president. What Unity08 is doing is important because it is (despite its utter failure at constructing a grassroots facade) run by a very well-connected set of people, it is getting loads of free publicity in the papers and on TV thanks to its connections…

… and it reportedly has the exact opposite of a grassroots operation in mind: the manipulation of an election by a connected elite.

That’s why we need to keep Unity08 in our sights, and keep very close track of what it does.

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