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Will Unity08 Fail its Second Test?

The organization — which apparently maintains a closet-sized space in the Watergate complex of Washington, DC, and which keeps its official business address as one identical to a political public relations firm in Denver, CO — failed its first test when it repeatedly fudged its own promises on timely updating of financial disclosure reports.

Unity08’s second test is whether it can manage to follow the process it specified itself in its first online election. No, I’m not referring to its promise to hold a secure national online presidential nomination in a year’s time despite running in debt and not reporting its finances accurately. No, I’m referring to its first election with a specified process: the election of 5 members of Congress as “Naughty” and 5 members of Congress as “Nice.” The process was laid out quite clearly:

1. Registered visitors leave their nominations by a deadline of 5 PM Mountain Time, Sunday December 17.
2. The top five most common nominations for Naughty and the top five most common nominations for Nice by the deadline of 5 PM Mountain Time, Sunday December 17 are to be featured in a poll debuting today on the website in which visitors may vote for their favorites.
3. The top votegetter in the Naughty category receives a lump of coal; the top votegetter in the Nice category receives a stocking of candy.

I’m not feeling very confident about the prospects for Unity08’s second test since Unity08 Communications Director Shane Kinkennon added his own nomination the day after the deadline expired.

Process matters here. It matters a lot, because Unity08’s promises are all about process, namely the amazing magical process by which the first national online secure presidential nomination will go off without a hitch in a year’s time, rescuing us all from those nefarious and incompetent other politicians.

Let’s see what happens today.

One thought on “Will Unity08 Fail its Second Test?”

  1. Patricia says:

    Gosh. On it’s web site, the Unity ’08 political insiders promised “we will not waste time pointing fingers.”

    Yet, here they are spending time encouraging Americans to rat out naughty politicians.

    Sounds like the Unity ’08 people are spending a lot of time pointing fingers.

    Another Unity ’08 promise broken.

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