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ACTION: Put REAL Reformers on Unity08’s Moderate Nice List

We all know Unity08 — the self-proclaimed “grassroots movement” to push its own Republican-Democratic ticket in 2008 with a rented closet in Watergate and a business address identical to the conservative political PR outfit Peak Media — is a sham. If having the daughter of one of the founders serving on one of the group’s national boards wasn’t enough of a hint, and if having her high school teacher serve on another of the national boards wasn’t a good enough hint either, we could always fall back on the repeated instances in which they failed to make financial disclosures of donations on and the embarrassing dearth of small-dollar donations to the group.

Yes, we all know that Unity08 is a sham, despite its repeated well-placed media appearances. Here’s a great opportunity to show the high-media-wattage but low-citizen-wattage organization for the shell that it is.

TAKE SIMPLE ACTION: Here’s what to do…

1. Put on some latex gloves.

2. Go to Unity’s website (hence the gloves) and look for their latest poll on the right-hand side. Visitors OpinionatedEd, Individual and myself made use of the largely ignored “nominating” process over the past weekend to put Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama on the list of nominees.

3. Vote for Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich as the congressional politician which Unity08 should congratulate for his moderation.

4. Watch the elite insiders behind Unity08 squirm as they are forced to publicly embrace ACTUAL reformers rather than pro-corporate smoochies like Joe Lieberman and John McCain — OR watch as they repudiate their own little online poll’s results, exposing them as the anti-populists they really are.

In its efforts to put a fake grassroots sheen over its tired public relations operation, Unity08 has given us an opportunity to expose the ridiculousness of its operation. Let’s take that opportunity.

7 thoughts on “ACTION: Put REAL Reformers on Unity08’s Moderate Nice List”

  1. simplicity says:

    Since I am new at this stuff and do not know how to include a link to a previous post that sums up my position on politics, I ask you to refer to the post entitled, “Ask Unity08 Founders…” wherein he writes, “I write this as someone who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, as someone who would like to see a third way grow…” [took the words right out of my mouth].

  2. Juniper says:

    Golly, but the offices where Unity 08 actually worked out of were run by a Republican PR firm!

    Oh, how forked the tongue gets!

  3. Jim says:

    Here’s the link you asked for, simplicity. No problem.

  4. simplicity says:

    Thanks, Jim.

    Juniper, please explain your comment. Certainly, you were not referring to me…you don’t even know me…

  5. simplicity says:

    however, if I were to involve myself in politics I would pick Obama-Feingold.

  6. Jim says:

    Simplicity, I don’t think Juniper was referring to you at all. I think s/he was referring to Unity08’s forked tongue.

    On 2008, me too. I’d vote Obama-Feingold in a snap. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think Dennis Kucinich plays well enough with others to be a good President. But he is good to have in the primaries, because he raises issues in such a stark way that people have to pay attention to them.

  7. chris says:

    interestingly barack obama and russ feingold are 1,2 in the polling nice job

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