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Unity08 mostly passes its second test. Third: Obama-Feingold?

When I’ve been wrong, I need to come out admit it. Given Unity08’s track record of broken promises, I had predicted yesterday that the organization would:

1) Change the rules in the middle of its “Naughty and Nice” online nomination and voting process;

2) Fail to take action in time to start a final “Naughty and Nice” vote, at its promised time on Monday.

Well, Unity08 got the big part of the deal right: they promised a vote on Monday and they gave a vote on Monday (it’s still ongoing). At the time I last checked, the top two candidates were Barack Obama and Russ Feingold. They did change their rules halfway through, cancelling the “Naughty” vote. I wonder why?

Should the results hold, will Unity08 have the guts to push for an Obama-Feingold ticket, since that’s what the people who visit the site are endorsing as their idea of a moderate ticket?

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