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Unity08 Drops Commitment to Regular Financial Transparency

Unity08 (aka Unity 08) is a registered corporation with the goal of arranging the nomination of one Republican and one Democrat to become the next president and vice president of the United States of America. It declares that next year it will successfully run the first-ever national secure online presidential nomination.

Today, Unity08 finally posted corrections to its 2nd and 3rd quarter donations above $200. More on that in a moment. I’d like to note two other changes first:

1. A third new pledge, replacing the summer 2006 pledge to update its donations reporting every two weeks and the fall 2006 pledge to update its donations reporting every month, is for Unity08 to begin updating its donations every month, starting in February 2007.

2. The text of the page has been changed, so that the phrase “in the spirit of greater financial transparency, which is sorely lacking in politics today” has been removed.

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