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Unity08: Demand Clean Money from Others, But Stop Asking About Our Own Money Problems

Yesterday, Republican Unity08 Founder Doug Bailey tried to head off the demand for financial disclosure of Unity08’s money problems with this appeal:

…the subject of bookkeeping is now occupying entirely too much real estate here – I can only imagine that this has been frustrating for people looking for a robust discussion about building a vibrant community to reclaim our politics.

Now, I implore our online community to focus its considerable energy and potential on how we win the White House in 2008. Please help us sign up new online members and grow this movement.

On the front page of Unity08, Republican Unity08 Founder Doug Bailey appears in a video clip to pronounce that in order for candidates to gain public support, they can’t just “talk the talk of reform” on the influence of money on politics, but they have to “walk the walk of reform in the campaign itself.”

And Republican Unity08 Founder Doug Bailey also provides a letter linked to from the front page in which he says “Unity08 has asked the presidential contenders to answer our call and go on the record with a commitment that the majority of their campaign funds will come from small contributions.” That’s right, on the record. On the books.

Bailey’s team has written a Clean Money? Why? essay on the subject. They have a separate FAQ about their stance on other campaigns’ donations. They’ve asked you to personally get on the 2008 candidates’ case about their campaigns’ use of donations. And, of course, they add in an appeal for you to send in your own donation to help Unity08 keep others’ donations ethical. All linked to right from the top of Unity08’s front page.

That’s a whole lot of “real estate” occupied by “the subject of bookkeeping.” I guess it’s Important to talk about campaign finance only so long as it isn’t Unity08’s “bookkeeping” we’re talking about. Unity08’s bookkeeping really isn’t any of our business. I mean, they only want to elect the next President and Vice President of the United States, and junk like that. Y’know, political blah-blah stuff. Trivial, really.

P.S. I’m going to go on a Unity08 moratorium for a little while now. We have to wait for the IRS to scan and publish the latest filing anyway, and my head is stuck so far up this organization’s bottom that my shoulders are starting to chafe. And, who knows, maybe I’m completely wrong in my suspicions and it will all turn out that Unity08 is hunky-dorey and not hiding anything at all. So I’m going to give them some breathing room, and a chance to show that they aren’t what I think they are.

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