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Sweatshop-Free Clothing for Kids and Babies Now Available

For some time now, we’ve been able to offer a variety of political and social messages and designs on adults clothing, sometimes union-made, sometimes with organic cotton, but always made without sweatshop labor.

But a big, glaring hole in our offerings: we had nothing for the kids. Oh, sure, you could go to CafePress and find kids t-shirts or onesies, but CafePress uses sweatshop-made onesies and kids’ t-shirts, and so we just won’t sell them. And yet, we always have wanted to have something for the little ones, in no small part because some of us have little ones ourselves.

Well, now thanks to Skreened.com, we can offer kids’ and babies’ clothing with our designs printed on them, all sweatshop-free:

George W. Bush I'm the Decider Onesie for Babies Kids T-Shirt With Peace Signs of Many Colors
Peace Possum Onesie for Babies These and nine other designs are available at our limited but fully-functional Beta shop over at Skreened.com. Next month, when this brand-new printer unveils the full-featured version of its web shop, you can expect our offerings to bloom to designs in the hundreds. Look for an interview later this week with the young people behind Skreened.com, as we talk about business, morality, integrity and the logistics of running an ethical clothing business.

4 comments to Sweatshop-Free Clothing for Kids and Babies Now Available

  • Since then

    Those are American Apparel clothes there, an ethical brand that’s set to move into a brand new era of even greater distribution, but all sweatshop free, in 2007.

  • Jim

    Yes, that’s right: American Apparel, which offers livable wages and benefits to its workers, pissing off the rest of the apparel industry by showing it’s possible to be both humane and profitable.

  • I’m definitely excited to be able to provide kids garments for conscientious folks. I’m also really excited to talk more about our vision for 2007. This is my open invitation for any readers to send me any questions about skreened.

    gratefully yours,
    daniel fox

  • You also may want to consider a friend of mine who hand prints from hand-cut stencils onto locally dyed shirts. His designs all come in kids sizes and the same prices for long vs. short sleeves. They are really colorful. You can see them at Eat More Kale. His latest shirt is a hoot: it features a pic of the Decider… but with mouse ears of a certain famous mouse.

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