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If You Think Unity08 is a Joke…

If you think Unity08 is some kind of a political joke that has no chance of getting anywhere, then you may want to ask how the organization just managed to get a fawning treatment in The Atlantic Monthly.

The people at the core of Unity08 are very savvy media managers… and this has given them a significant media advantage. The question is whether their media advantage can outweight their political, economic, and ethical difficulties.

2 thoughts on “If You Think Unity08 is a Joke…”

  1. Ralph says:

    The Atlantic should be ashamed of itself for running such a puff piece. It fails to ask some very basic questions:

    1. How did Sam Waterston make the acquaintance of these guys?

    2. They plan to use the internet. All well and good. But what is the online rabble (that Unity ’08 is trying to rouse) actually saying about the group?

    Of course, there is no major groundswell of public support for Unity ’08. And as Jim has demonstrated so well, there are serious causes for concern regarding its legal status, finances, etc.

    My bet is that the second a whiff of those concerns is aired in the mainstream media, Unity ’08 is finished. Then whatever reporter broke the story has just won him or herself some powerful Washington Insider enemies.

    So Jim, are you writing a letter to the Atlantic Monthly?

  2. Alan says:

    “During our lunch, Rafshoon spotted Bob Shrum, the manager of John Kerry’s failed presidential campaign, peacocking across the room in an expensive suit and a fine silk tie.”

    The first three words explain the motivation of the writer who by now has probably precipitated numerous readers to seek out dental care. The rest of the sentence explains Unity08’s motivation in manipulating the good will of the public and perpetuating such a hare-brained scheme.

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