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14 thoughts on “Make Your Prediction: When and What Will Obama Announce?”

  1. Jim says:

    Barack Obama has too much good sense to make his announcement on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That would be a stealing-thunder kind of tacky. So not tomorrow. I guess that Barack Obama will make his announcement on Tuesday, January 16. His announcement — that he will not seek the nomination for president of the United States in the 2008 cycle. You know, important work to do in the Senate, time with family, won’t rule it out for the future, etc.

    My reasoning: Obama is at the apex of public adulation and idealization right now. He knows that if he turns aside a presidential run this year, right now, the critical eye will turn away from him. No negative press. Then he becomes a shoo-in for Vice President, no matter who is nominated for President.

    Just my guess, but I’d say that the Obama for President campaign buttons will pretty soon go the way of the collectible souvenir of what might have been.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    No, not on Tuesday. Monday after a holiday is typically a very slow online day, as people are getting back into their normal cycle. Wednesday, if he is to announce that he’s running for President, which would be hard for anyone in his position to resist. Friday, if he is to announce that he’s not running for President, because the news will not receive much attention, and the blow can recede over the weekend.

    If Obama is thinking rationally, he will announce that he’s not running for President, and then you’re right, he will be the pick for VP unless the nominee is clinically insane, which is always possible.

    If Obama does announce he is not running, look for speculation to go to Gore, and for conventional wisdom to coalesce around Clinton. Conventional wisdom does so adore conventional politicians.

  3. Jim says:

    J. Clifford, this source backs you up. The rumor: Obama will announce on the Oprah Winfrey show this Wednesday.

  4. Odd Claude says:

    If Barack Obama was going to announce he will not run, he would not do so on Oprah. He would just hold a news conference. Looks like Obama 08 is on!

  5. Jim says:

    Oliver Willis knocks the London Times for being clueless enough about American politics to say that Barack Obama is in trouble because he is going ahead without having gotten the approval of… Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  6. Bob S-K says:

    I’d like to see Obama spend 10 or 20 years as a Senator, so he can show us what kind of statesman he is. He was elected to be a Senator. First things first.

  7. Iroquois Honky says:

    If Obama wants to run in 2012 or 2016 he will have to lose first now in order to get the name recognition. Just like Richie Daley lost for Chicago mayor while he was paying his dues and every one said he’s not ready yet, then later got elected and filled his father’s shoes exactly as expected. That means Obama will have to throw his hat in the ring, then find some reason to fetch it out again. In the meantime he will electrify the Democratic party and do some nice fundraising.

    V.P. is still worth what it was always worth.

  8. Odd Claude says:

    Like what it was worth for Bush, and for Ford, and for Nixon, and for Johnson, and for Truman, you mean?

  9. Iroquois Honky says:

    More like for Humphrey and Spiro and Gore..I believe the historical phrase is “worth a bucket of warm spit.” The job itself is not as prestigious as a senate seat, I mean, it’s like playing Tonto to the Lone Ranger. Is the VP even allowed to have a personality? And the only reason you mentioned those particular individuals is not what they did with the VP position, but what they did after and in spite of their brush with the office. I suppose it does have a nice pension though. If that’s what Obama is looking for.

  10. Tom says:

    Well, all that was true until our current secret government model was christened, where Cheney the VP is actually running things with Bush, the puppet president as “spokesperson” (there’s a laugh, eh?).

  11. Iroquois Honky says:

    And who runs Cheney? There seems to be a revolving door betweeen Halliburton and intelligence. Are we now a police state being run by a secret KGB with hidden a economic agenda?

  12. Jim says:

    The Oprah Winfrey show schedule still lists Wednesday as TBA, and Barack Obama said he’d make an announcement “very soon” but not today, since he would not want to overshadow Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

    “I didn’t want to use this day to indicate my plans because I am humbled by what Dr. King accomplished,” Obama said. “I don’t think that whatever my political plans are, (they) are comparable to the heroic struggles that he went through, and I don’t want to draw false parallels.”

  13. Jim says:

    The CBS Affiliate in Chicago:

    Obama’s press secretary told CBS 2 that, despite a national television report and speculation on Internet Web sites, Obama will not be making his announcement on the Oprah show. But he added that the expected presidential announcement is coming “very, very soon.”

    The cheers for Obama were loud and long at the Rainbow PUSH King Day Breakfast, where a Congressional colleague praised the decision that will soon be announced.

    “Barack, now is the time to run for President of the United States,” said Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

  14. lisa says:

    I think he will announce that HE IS THE ANTICHRIST.

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