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What is John McCain Doing With That Red Dress?

john mccain red dressJohn McCain was out in a circus-sized tent, photographed as you see here. I can’t seem to find any information about what Senator McCain was doing, though. The caption got all scrambled in my browser, and when I reassembled it, all I could make of it was:

Senator John McCain attended the Mattel Life-Sized Doll Conference today, and inspected the doll for a female bullfighter. “Usually, you can find a button somewhere in the back that makes the arm swing around,” he explained. “I’ll bet we could have a sword fight!”

Surely that’s not right. What is John McCain doing with that red dress? What is he saying? You provide the caption to the photograph, and we’ll see what sounds right.

5 thoughts on “What is John McCain Doing With That Red Dress?”

  1. Fruktata says:

    “Help me get out of here,” Senator Mccain pleaded. “I’m being held prisoner because I’m the only living person who knows the formula for Coca-Cola Classic. You’re my only hope!”

  2. yyyme says:

    the new Coke commercial: “…give a little love….and it’ll come back to you…”

  3. Jim says:

    “Black hole… crossing event horizon… pulling me in… must… hold… on… must… reach… button…”

  4. yyyme says:

    nano-nano! “it’s Mork from Ork. Hold on for dear life… can’t… lose… you…!”

  5. Vynce says:

    “i think this sheila is a bruce… refusing a hug looks bad… weak, unsure of my manhood… but… must not come into contact with the dave…”

    no, sorry, that’s not it.

    “Great! I need more lessons in the compassionate part, too. So, I put my arms around you like this, right? and then… what? chin on shoulder? that looks warm and comforting? OK, if you say so… should my hands be touching? I don’t think the liberals make their hands touch, do they? Fantastic. Give your check to the man behind me. Next!”

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