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Unity08 To Hold a Public Chat. Will You Be There?

Unity08, the registered corporation that plans to get its own presidential and vice presidential candidates elected to the White House, has been avoiding answering questions about its financial business for some time now, even though it proclaims its commitment to financial transparency. It also has filed suit in DC District Court to countervene the final Advisory Opinion of the FEC that it must register as a Political Action Committee (PAC) — because, as Unity08 explicitly argues in its court papers, it has to take big donations from small numbers of people, and avoid disclosure on the amount and sources of loans to it, in order to succeed. Under the PAC status the FEC says Unity08 has, these actions would be illegal.

Are things about to change? I received the following message yesterday announcing a “live chat”:

Please join Unity08 for a live chat this coming Monday, Jan. 29, with Unity08’s chief lawyer and Rules Committee cochairman Tom Collier.

The topic will be Unity08’s recent challenge to an advisory opinion about our status issued by the FEC last fall. The advisory opinion asserted the FEC’s authority to regulate our activities, including setting contribution limits. We believe that the FEC’s response was inconsistent with several Supreme Court cases which have established Constitutional limitations on the reach of the FEC.

He’ll also take questions on Unity08’s ballot access drive, Rules Committee and other topics.

Collier is a partner at Steptoe & Johnson, a former Interior Department official, and a member of the Unity08 Founders Council. He’ll discuss our activities around the FEC decision and our position on how we – as a very new and unconventional entity – should be classified for purposes of election law.

RSVP now here.

The details:
Date: Monday, Jan. 29, 2007
Time for the chat: 2-3 pm Eastern time (chat)
Time to begin posting questions: 1 pm Eastern time

You have to sign up ahead of time. I already have, but I’d like to ask you a favor. If you’re familiar with Unity08, and you share the questions I have of it, would you be willing to sign up and participate, too? I have a little hunch that one person asking questions asking questions might be given a non-answer and then a “you’ve had your turn” dismissal. Multiple people asking questions, and asking for follow-up where appropriate, will not be so easy to brush off.

I’d appreciate your help with this. Maybe, just maybe, we can finally get some answers on Unity08’s mysterious shenanigans.

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